Notifications FAQ

How notification works in Twproject?

There are three entities: events, subscriptions and messages.

Topic actions like project creation, status or dates changes etc. raises events when happens. Events are queued. By default every minute, event queue is scanned and matched with the subscription set.

If an event match with a subscription a message is generated and queued. Messages dispatcher periodically send messages on their channel (email, sticky, digest or logs).

Subscription are created while assigning resources to projects.

Which are the available channels to get notified?

Available channels are:

  • E-mail: you will receive an email every time an event that you are subscribed to is generated .
  • Digest: every week you will receive an email summing up all the events generated during the week that.
  • Sticky notes: when an event occurred a sticky note will appear on your Twproject screen.

Where can I see all my subscriptions?

All subscriptions are listed in your resource page. Click on your avatar at the bottom menu of the page, choose an option in the menu and go to the last tab tab subscriptions

Where I can change events listened by default?

Default notifications are set on roles, so when you are assigned to a project with a specific role, you will be subscribed by default to those event selected in the role. To edit these, login as administrator and go in admin page -> roles. Select the role per project you want to edit, at the bottom of the page you will find the table to customize default subscriptions.

Can I change my subscriptions for a specific project?

Of course, once you are assigned you can edit the assignment changing the subscriptions, just go in the editor and click on “customize your notifications”.

Localization FAQ

Which languages are available?

Twproject is actually available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian,  Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Slovenian.

How do I change Twproject language?

Go “admin” –>  “Basic system configuration” –> “Language, dates, currency” here you can change the default Twproject language. This will be the language every user will see once logged. Every user then, if they need can change its own language by the option page.

Can a user see Twproject in his own language?

Yes, every user can set its preferred language.

How do I change the server timezone?

Go “admin” –>  “Basic system configuration” –> “Language, dates, currency”

Can I use Twproject with my currency?

Yes, go “admin” –>  “Basic system configuration” –> “Language, dates, currency”. Same currency is used across users.

If I change a label, what happen upgrading Twproject?

By default, your label changes are saved on the database, so that they will be preserved.

How to contribute in Twproject translation?

If you would like to start a translation for a new language contact us

Installation FAQ

How do I first login?

Open a browser an navigate to your server, or “localhost” if you installed Twproject on the same computer. The url usually looks like http://localhost, but sometime you need to add the port number something like http://localhost:8080. The installer tells you the port used.

  • For on-premises solution first login is “administrator” with empty password.
  • For on the cloud solution, first login is administrator with the password you received via e-mail.
  • Is a good idea to change the password as soon as possible.

32 or 64 bits?

Twproject is available for many different operating systems. Even if it is built on Java some components are specific for 32 or 64 bit versions. By the way a 64 bit installer cannot run on a 32 bit machine.

64 bit distribution should be preferred in case on “stressed” environments, specially on windows servers.

How do I install Twproject by hand?

A good starting point:

How do I upgrade my Twproject instance?

Easy with the graphical installer. See below for details:

Can I install Twproject on my Tomcat, instead of the provided one?

Yes, proceed in this way:

ensure that your Tomcat is updated, i.e. 9 and above, and using JDK 8

install anywhere using the graphical installer with access to the real database, until the last step of the installer, where you disable the “launch Tomcat” and “launch browser” checkboxes

the installer will:

create a with the JDBC connection parameters

create a file with the license data supplied

now copy the resulting webapp, that is, the webapps/ROOT folder, from the provided Tomcat to your Tomcat

if you are not using the Twproject  web app as ROOT, configure your Tomcat adding the Twproject  web app

Launch Tomcat and browse to the web app root, the schema will be created and filled.

In 99% of the cases where this does not work it is due either to launching Tomcat not as root, or using a database user that doesn’t have schema creation rights.

Time Tracking FAQ

Can I insert work done weekly?

Yes, in Twproject there is a specific page for this that you find clicking on the “timesheets” button in the main menu.

Watch the video tutorial:

Can I insert work done for someone else?

Yes, in the timesheets page (“timesheets” button in the main menu) there is a specific combo that let you select resources. By default it select yourself but you can anytime change it to insert worklog for someone else.

There is a way to start recording time spent?

Yes, Twproject supports time counters. This functionality lets you start recording time on a specific project just clicking on a button, something like a semaphore that you can turn on and off. Read here for more info:

Can I exclude some worked hours from project costs?

Yes,  In the cost page there is the possibility to filter worklog by its status. So for example you can have a report of your project cost just by worklog marked as “billed”. Consider that worklog status are customizable by the user.

Can I record work done for a specific ToDo?

Yes, if the ToDo is assigned to you, there will be a watch icon in the ToDo line. if you click on it a yellow box will appear at the top of the page where you can record your time spent, the date and a description. The same yellow box will appear every time you mark on of your ToDo as closed.

Can I insert my work done directly on my dashboard?

Yes. there is specific widget for doing this called “WORKLOGDAY” that you can add to your page while customizing. How to do that is written here:

Is there a way to check if I forget to insert work done for some days?

Yes, just go from Timesheets menu and click on -> “Timesheets overview” -> “check for you or more resourse. You will be able to specify a range choosing from Month, 3 weeks, 2 weeks or 1 week.

Can I insert worklog on non active project?

Yes, by default your timesheets page will show you just your active projects in the week you are looking to have the page as clean as possible. However, that page you will also have a combo where you can find non-active project, simply choose on of them to have it added to the list.

Documents FAQ

Can I upload files on a project?

Of course, as many you want. Just drag files (one or more at once) on the document box in the project editor. If you upload the same file more than once, versions will be created. Uploaded documents will be full-text indexed.

Which users can see those files?

Only the ones that have “document read” permission on that project. Usually project managers and worker, but you can change default permissions.

Can I search uploaded file’s content full text?

Well, depends on the file you uploaded. Pdf, word, excel, PowerPoint, open office, txt, html are all indexed.
Images are not Smile

Can I link a project to a folder on my file system?

Twproject uses the concept of “file storage” to address this matter. You can have remote file systems, samba, subversion, ftp or amazon s3 “storages” and everyone can be linked to a project. Links can point both to a subfolder, a document or the repository root. Some basic actions like upload, create folder, delete, rename can be done using Twproject interfaces. File storages are accessible with the mobile interface too.

How permissions work on file storages?

Actually it is quite complex, but summarizing everything is delegated to the permissions the user have on the project linked to that repository. Hi level permissions are necessary to create new repositories, then Twproject security does the dirty job.

Can Twproject connect to Amazon AWS S3?


Can Twproject connect to a subversion repository?

Yes. Moreover it can import SVN logs for generating worklog.

Can Twproject connect to Alfresco document management?

Yes, Alfresco and most of recent DMS expose repositories using Samba or NFS. Remote file system type can be used directly.

Can Twproject connect to SharePoint?

Yes, see above.

Does Twproject manage versions?

Yes. If you upload a file with the same name (on the same project) a version will be created automatically. From the document page of project or resource you will have full access to older version too.

Can I have my documents on a db instead of the file system?

Yes. By default Twproject use a folder for storing uploaded files. In some cases it could be useful to have that files on the Twproject database. Go to “admin” –> “Basic configuration” –> “File system” and set the “database” type. Existing documents will rest “untouched”.

Can I encrypt my files?

Yes. You can encrypt uploaded files using AES. Go to “admin” –> “Basic configuration” –> “File system” and set the “encrypted folder” type. Existing documents will rest “untouched”.

Customizations FAQ

Can I customize my homepage / dashboard?

Yes. By default every supplied page (get things done, project manager,  supervisor etc.) is customizable. You can add/remove widget to get your page confortable.

Can I add custom field on Twproject main entities?

Of course. Projects, resources, ToDos, assignments, worklogs and costs can have up to 6 custom field. Custom fields are really flexible and you can have different types like strings, numbers, files, or any Twproject entity, but also external lookup.

Can I filter for custom fields values

Yes of course.

Can I write my own report?

Yes. Twproject uses Jasper Report for creating in minutes powerful reports.

Can I attach a customized form to a resource or a project?

Of course; this is a really flexible way to add structured information on project or resources.

Can I have a wizard for creating a project from my data?

Yes. Wizards allows to add functionality to Twproject.

Technical FAQ

How can I upgrade Twproject to latest version?

Go to “admin” –>  “Monitoring” –>  “Check for updates”. If you need to upgrade go to  and download your installer (be careful to 32 or 64 bit versions). Run it. That’s all. 

How do I verify / change Twproject memory settings?

On Windows: if you are using the windows service: open a command console (Start -> Run -> “cmd” in the run input), go to the Twproject folder, and into the bin folder. Say that your Twproject  service is displayed as “Teamwork-8080”, the system name will be teamwork8080. Type

tomcat6w //ES//teamwork8080

and an application will open and in the “Java” tab you can modify memory settings. Another method is go to Start -> Run, and run “regedt32.exe”. There should be an entry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Apache Software Foundation -> Procrun 2.0 -> [Tomcat service name]. If you are launching using the tw.bat, edit the file, change the -Xms64m -Xmx128m settings to a higher range.

On Linux: open the script, and change the -Xms128m -Xmx384m settings to a higher range.

On OSX: if you are launching by script by hand, open the script, and change the -Xms128m -Xmx512m settings to a higher range. If you are launching Twproject  as service, change in [Twproject  root folder]/ the line “export JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx512M $JAVA_OPTS” (if it is #export JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx512M $JAVA_OPTS, remove the #).

All cases: In all cases, you may also want to widen the PermGen space (the part of memory which cannot be garbage collected): e.g. -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=128M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M

Can I configure a Public Domain Name for my Twproject?

If you intend to access Twproject both from intranet and extranet, you should set a public name to your Twproject. Go to “admin” –>  “Basic system configuration” –> “http server” and set “server name” to the same name you set on your DNS.

How can I schedule batch jobs?

Twproject has its own scheduler that is used by default for monitoring events, dispatching messages, download e-mail and so on. If you need to schedule some additional jobs, there are several ready-to-use jobs you can use: org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteJavaMain, org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteOsBatch and org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteSQL could be a good starting point to develop you own or to use them as-is.

How can I authenticate my users using my LDAP/Active directory?

Twproject supports both standard, http, ldap or ldap with standard fallback. Go to “admin” –>  “Advanced configuration” –> “LDAP integration” .

Where are Twproject log files?

You can see/download Twproject logs directly from the web interface: Go to “admin” –>  “Monitoring” –>  “Logging”.

You will find Twproject log here [TWPROJECT INSTALLATION ROOT]/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/log

Can I get more information from log files?

Sometime,  in case of trouble, you may need to get more information about Twproject status and behavior. In this case go to “admin” –>  “Monitoring” –>  “Logging” and set log level to “info” or “debug”.

Other advanced debug options are available on “” file. Do not “play” with this parameters, if you have trouble, contact us, will be happy to help you.

When I upgrade Twproject to a new version, where can I find database schema changes?

Twproject check your database schema and eventually applies changes automatically. Every action is logged on [TWPROJECT INSTALLATION ROOT]/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/log/schemaHistory.log file

Pricing / Payments FAQ

License in house or Twproject hosted?

The first distinction is between an installed (needing a license) or hosted service.

Go for installed if you are aiming at keep you data in house or deep integration with your other IT services, and / or if you have specific security policies for software in use.

Go hosted if you want to keep maintenance efforts at a minimum and if you want to start immediately. You could anytime move to an in house installation.

In case you are using the installed version, pick a yearly license to minimize initial investment.

How are licenses counted?

Each user with enabled login counts for 1 user. No test for concurrent login is done, so concurrent login has no influence on license count. Users may be enabled and disabled any time; as soon as a user is disabled, she/he is no longer counted in the license count, but all data connected to that user is preserved.
In short, only those that really can work in Twproject are counted.

How much does Twproject cost?

If you want to use Twproject hosted by us on Amazon servers, see the Amazon hosting dedicated page

If you want to install Twproject on your servers, see license prices page.

Is support Included?

Free support is provided through our support site. Frequently asked question, user manual, videos are available for free. If you need you can always contact us submitting your questions, we will answer within few hours.

Do you offer remote setup service?

Many of our customers use remote setup to get a professional Twproject server setup and configuration. It is assumed that the database server is already installed. Setup is for the current version or upgrade to the current version; installing following upgrades is not included. In case of upgrade, it is assumed that the customer has complete backups.

Are there hidden / additional costs?

No additional costs! Twproject comes with free upgrade of the current version for all users, so there are no additional costs to pay.

How do I extend my license to more users, or for a longer period?

You can buy additional licenses anytime directly from your Twproject instance.  You can even renew or extend your period. Simply login as admin, go in the admin page and click on  the top to Twproject shop button.

What if I don’t want to pay with PayPal?

If you don’t want to pay with PayPal, send an e-mail to and we’ll send you the international money transfer data.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can stop the payment at any time by logging into your Paypal account and canceling the subscription, from that moment on you will no longer be charged.

What about refunds?

Refunds is available only for license in house. If you’re not satisfied, write us  within 30 days to get a full refund.

License agreement?

Here is the license agreement you will accept by using Twproject.

Milestones FAQ

How can I set a milestone?

In Twproject milestones are always related to a project or phases. Both start or end date can be set as milestones.

Are milestone approaching notified?

Yes, by default 3 days before the milestone. You can eventually change this value or even ignore the notification.

Where can I see my milestone?

Milestones are visible in the summary bar at the end of “get things done” page.
Moreover you can use “next milestone” pre-set filter on project list page.

Does a milestones create time constraints?

Yes. Once a milestone is set, every change on project tree structure that requires time shift on parents are blocked. This allows to delegate phases to other resources without compromising the main project schedule.


Can I attach files to a ToDo?

Of course, you can attach up to two files/screenshot simply dragging them on the ToDo line.

Should I use phases or ToDo?

Good point! We suggest to use ToDo if you think the problem/phase requires “hours” to be closed. Use phases if you think you need “days”. Do not use projects or phases for micro-management; ToDo are much more flexible. A complex ToDo can be anytime transformed to a project or phases.

Are ToDo status customizable?

Yes, an “administrator” or “area manager” has permissions to create new statuses:  from menu, Tools –> Lookups –> ToDo statuses

Who can create ToDo on a project?

Every user with “ToDo can create” permission. Usually this permission is given to project managers and workers to a project. See below for detail on security:

How are ToDo sorted?

ToDo are always ordered by gravity. Inside the same gravity, you can sort them manually by drag & drop.

Are ToDo events notified?

Yes;  creation, status changes, overdue events are generated for ToDo and sent to the subscribed users (by default the assignee). See below for details on subscriptions:

How can I refine ToDo search?

There are many ready-to-use filters, but you can refine them by clicking on “refine search” link. You can filter for many ToDo and project properties such as status, description, assignee, severity, dates, tags and so on. You can always save you preferred filters.

Can I assign ToDo to a department?

Yes, You can assign a todo to a department so that it can be seen and performed by any of its members.

 Can I add comments on ToDo?

Every ToDo has its own log. Comments are added to it. You can add comment from the ToDo editor.

Can I add mensions on ToDo?

Yoo can add in in ToDos comments with @ character and start typing the name of the person. Select him with the mouse from the list and repeat this step for all the people you want to quote.
Obviously, the more you type the more refined the search result will be.
Save or send the message and that’s it.

Can I record work on ToDo?

You can record work done on ToDo only if you are assigned to that ToDo. You can record time by clicking on the “watch” icon. When you set the status to “closed” the input is automatically shown.

How can I export ToDo in Excel?

From the ToDo list, just click on “export” icon at the top-right of the page. You can customize the information exported.

Can I organize my ToDo weekly?

ToDo can be used for planning activities. Once you select your ToDo, click on “planner” link. Then you will be able to assign ToDos to resources and define the due date.


Can I use ToDo with Kanban?

Yes. Filtered ToDo can be organized using the Kanban page. Twproject Kanban works with multiple dimensions: gravity, status, assignee, project/sprint. See below for details.

Is there an ToDo history log?

Every ToDo maintains its own history. Open the extended editor to see the log detail.

Can I add ToDo by e-mail?

Yes. Twproject can perform many actions by sending e-mail to it.  See below for details.

How one of my customers can add a ToDo/bug?

Two ways:

Can I perform bulk operations on ToDos?

Just filter candidate ToDo than select the ones you want. A box with available operations will be shown. See below for details.

Can I organize my schedule on a weekly basis?

ToDo’s can be scheduled in time thanks to the planner function in ToDo’s menu.

Once ToDo are selected you can move them in an “agenda” style view setting the due date.