Installation FAQ

How do I first login?

Open a browser an navigate to your server, or “localhost” if you installed Twproject on the same computer. The url usually looks like http://localhost, but sometime you need to add the port number something like http://localhost:8080. The installer tells you the port used.

  • For on-premises solution first login is “administrator” with empty password.
  • For on the cloud solution, first login is administrator with the password you received via e-mail.
  • Is a good idea to change the password as soon as possible.

32 or 64 bits?

Twproject is available for many different operating systems. Even if it is built on Java some components are specific for 32 or 64 bit versions. By the way a 64 bit installer cannot run on a 32 bit machine.

64 bit distribution should be preferred in case on “stressed” environments, specially on windows servers.

How do I install Twproject by hand?

A good starting point:

How do I upgrade my Twproject instance?

Easy with the graphical installer. See below for details:

Can I install Twproject on my Tomcat, instead of the provided one?

Yes, proceed in this way:

ensure that your Tomcat is updated, i.e. 9 and above, and using JDK 8

install anywhere using the graphical installer with access to the real database, until the last step of the installer, where you disable the “launch Tomcat” and “launch browser” checkboxes

the installer will:

create a with the JDBC connection parameters

create a file with the license data supplied

now copy the resulting webapp, that is, the webapps/ROOT folder, from the provided Tomcat to your Tomcat

if you are not using the Twproject  web app as ROOT, configure your Tomcat adding the Twproject  web app

Launch Tomcat and browse to the web app root, the schema will be created and filled.

In 99% of the cases where this does not work it is due either to launching Tomcat not as root, or using a database user that doesn’t have schema creation rights.