Analyse, monitor, approve

Analysing worklog

Worklog analysis is  a tool designed for both analyzing and managing worklog. You will find it in the timesheet menu.

Compose a filter and press “search” button.

You will get the list of work log matching your filter. As usual you can store you preferred filters for future usage.

At the end of the page, totals are reported both in hours and as cost.

You can edit every line in order to fix timing, insertion dates, or descriptions.

Filtering on this page can have two aims: getting worklog totals for a period, or moving worklog to another assignment/project, selecting it at the bottom of the page. As soon as you check a row:

Actions appear that allow to bulk change worklogs.

Monitoring worklog

Inserted work logs are really relevant for monitoring projects, so they are visible from several parts of Twproject:

1) In the project page-> assignments tab

2) In project cost analysis

3) In “my assignment” home widgets:

4) In resource page -> assignments tab

5) In timesheet week

6) In “worklog for assignment”.

Another useful tool for monitoring worklog is Timesheets overview.

This tool is designed to find days where work log is absent, below or over the total per day.

From timesheet menu press “Timesheets overview”:

The legenda will tell you which days have  insufficient, missing or too much work logs.

You can also check the worklogs in a group using the workgroup tool.

Approving Worklog

The “worklog approval” functionality covers needs of classifying work logs. Classification can mean in function of your needs, billed/unbilled, approved/not approved, and you can create your own classification categories.

To change worklog status you need to use worklog analysis page seen above.

To create new work types, go to tools in the main menu and if you have the rights, you’ll find the lookups.

Click “worklog status” and there you can create them.

Of course you can always filter worklogs by type in your searches, say in worklog analysis:

And the print function has been expanded accordingly.

Who can approve worklog? There is a new permission “worklog management” local to projects, which lets “manage worklog, approve it, bill it”: you probably should enable it on project manager roles.