Twproject 6.0.60018: Improvements and fixes

Another great release is out today including a significant list of improvements and fixes. Our team is always working on improving Twproject interface and functionalities in order to make your every day work even easier. Search field on tables: We often hear about users having a long list of projects with similar names that were difficult to find […]


Management problems? It’s time for company’s therapy

When a company feels the need of introducing a project management software is probably because a deep change is happening. Time of changing introduce a feeling of uncertainty that often terrifying people. It is instead usually a great opportunity for a company to grow and improve methodologies and results. When your work is well organized, working […]


Twproject LoVe Startups

Twproject love startups and thinks that great ideas deserve to be supported. We have been a startup too and we know how hard is to stay organized when you have a low budget, few resources and tons of great ideas in your head. When we started Twproject we were just a team of few smart guys […]