Twproject 6.0.60015: Custom Fields on Budget

Twproject is out with custom fields on additional costs and budget. Twproject is becoming more and more flexible, helping your company managing your project in the way that best fit your needs. In this example we have created two additional fields on budget to take trace of budget reference document and its date. Custom fields […]


We need to talk: collaboration trends and mistakes to avoid

Companies becoming “liquid”, teams spread over thousands kilometers: workspace has changed, it is wider and faster. This is the reason why you need the right collaboration tools to… make the work work! Collaboration tools: what is happening right now It has already happened and it is happening. Despite being a big, medium or small company, […]


6 Qualities Of Great Leaders – Infographic

In our experience with thousands of great companies, that we’ve met thanks to Twproject, we have analyzed so many teams at work, encountering always the same characteristics defining great leaders with successful and happy collaborators. Being a leader is not an easy job, you have to carefully balance humility, strength and integrity, being always steps […]

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The Map For Great Customization – Twproject Objects Reference

One of the most interesting characteristics of Twproject is the great customization capability that it offers to all its customers. Customizable dashboards and web parts, custom fields on all main objects, custom filters, custom Excel exports, this is what Twproject lets you modify in order to best fit your own work habits. In order to help you generating […]