Integrations FAQ

Can Twproject share agenda with Google, Exchange, Outlook or others?

Yes you can.


Can I schedule a process for bulk operations?

Yes, Twproject has its own scheduler that is used by default for monitoring events, dispatching messages, download e-mail and so on. If you need to schedule some additional jobs, there are several ready-to-use jobs you can use: org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteJavaMain, org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteOsBatch and org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteSQL could be a good starting point to develop you own or to use them as-is.

Can I use my LDAP for authenticating users?

Yes you can.


Can I create my ERP/CRM bridges?

This is the most common integration our customers requires. A good starting point is to use a scheduled job for performing such operation. Other solutions can include wizards and plugins. Contact us, we will be happy to give you hints and eventually cooperate for developing your bridges.

Can I import/export to MS Project

Actually you can, but considering the differences between data models, exporting from Twproject is a lose-something operation. Importing from MS Project is generally ok.

Gantt chart FAQ

Can I import in Twproject a project built with the free on-line editor?

Yes of course! Go to projects and click on import button image and choose “import from Gantt”. You can eventually import a Gantt as sub-task, doing the same steps from the task editor.

Is the Gantt chart editor open source?

Yes it is. jQuery Gantt  editor is released under MIT License, one of the most “open” open source licenses. This a way for us to say “thank you” to the open source community.

What browsers are supported?

All latest versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera. SVG version requires IE>=9

Can I print a Gantt?

Yes. A dedicated style sheet will be applied while printing. One page for data grid, one for the Gantt side. You will print what you see.

Security FAQ

How can I see only the projects that I am working on?

Doing nothing Smile. By default every user sees only active projects where it is assigned. Of course when you start searching Twproject security starts working and you will see only tasks, issues, resources where you are allowed. See

How Twproject uses role-based security?

In two ways: global or local to a project. Global roles are valid everywhere (ok, not really everywhere, but in a security area) so if you have, for instance, a permission for “task read” you can see every task even if you are not involved on it; this could match the company’s boss case. Global roles are set from the user editor.
Locally to a project, role-based security is applied assigning users to a project. In this cane a “task read” permission will allow a user to see the project structure from that point and down. See this section for a complete overview on security:

How can I configure permissions for my users?

Permissions are set on roles. Roles can be assigned directly to users or by assigning them to projects. See

How can I have a read-only user?

Yes you can, both globally or locally to a project. There are built-in roles that accomplish this goal: “Supervisor” , “Stakeholder” and “Customer” respectively. See

There are password policies?

Twproject have several password policies. Go to “admin” –> “Security policies”.  If you company have already implemented such policies using Active directory or a LDAP server you should consider to use it for authentication. See

What an “administrator” can do?

Almost everything. There are some visibility restriction on private agenda events. If you have security concern, you should have only few (one or two) administrators and use “area managers” instead. Administrators have access to sensible configuration data.

Can I disable a user?

Yes of course. When a resource leave your company, you can disable it. Doing this you will preserve all inserted data and you will free a license. Go to the “resource editor” –> “security /login” and disable it.

Can I separate completely two departments data?

Twproject supports multiple separated “areas” in the same installation. Projects, users, resources, issues etc. created on says “area 1” are not accessible by users coming from “area 2”. Using security area you can manage two distinct companies/directions/department on the same installation. Cross-areas users can be created e.g.: top management. See and

Can Twproject run on HTTPS?

Of course. On the cloud solution is already on HTPPS using a 2048 bit certificate. Twproject by default runs on Tomcat, you should refer to Tomcat documentation.

Can I configure Twproject for LDAP authentication?

Of course. See

Can I import users from LDAP?

Yes you cam. See

Resource planning FAQ

Where can I see the work load for a team?

From the “workgroup” box on a project (or on a department) click on “operator load”. From the load page you can eventually add more people to inspect on-the-fly. See

Can I plan activities day by day?

Yes. For each assignment you can define the working plan. From the “workgroup” box on a project (or on a department) or directly from the assignment click on “see plan”. See

How can I set priority on a task?

You can set priority on assignments. See

How can I see assignments for a resource?

From a resource page, click on “assignments”.

Does work done, affects work load estimation?

Yes. By default Twproject uses remaining work (work to be done – work done) to compute the load for the future. If you didn’t done you work fro today you will probably need to work a bit more tomorrow  Smile. See

Can I plan activities using issues?

Issues can be used for planning users activity. Using the issue planner you can set the day you want to close an issue; estimated work on the issue give you the work load for that day. See

Dashboard FAQ

How can I change my default page?

Open the “home” menu drop down, go to the page you want to set as default, then open again the menu and click “set as my home”.

How can I add/remove a widget on my page?

Open the “home” menu drop down and click on “customize this page”. See

If there is not such option, probably this page has been set as “not customizable” by the administrator.

How can I restrict access to some pages?

Administrators can restrict the access to some pages by adding required permissions. For special purposes administrators can create new permissions.

How can I create a new widget?

Quite easy, but you need to be a little confident with Java and Jsp. That said, there are several examples supplied. See

Is the page grid configurable?

Yes, page grids are called “templates”. See

Can I set a page un-customizable?

Yes, go to “admin” –>  “Customization” –> “pages” –> edit page and set switch off “customizable” flag.

Can I set some widgets mandatory for each user?

Yes, you can put mandatory widgets on “not customizable” areas. The page must use a template with such areas defined . Default ones have such areas.

Tips / Tricks FAQ

How can I link entities in Twproject?

Every entity is identified by a code or its id. If you write on a test field T#code_or_id#  Twproject will transform this string in a clickable link. Use T#code_or_id# for task, I#code_or_id# for issues, R#code_or_id# for resources, B#code_or_id# for boards, A#code_or_id# for agenda events. The code for each object is generally shown on the respective editor. See

How can I search for projects created before a specific date?

Every filter fields can be used using QBE syntax. Writing “<1/1/2015” on a date search field means every date before 1/1/2015. But you can write “LM” as well that means every date in Last Month. There are lots of useful tricks: see

Can I use short “something” while inserting dates?

Yes, lots of “something”! “Y” means yesterday, “T” means today, “LW” means last week, “–3d” means three days ago. See the complete reference here

Can I send documents to a task via e-mail?

Yes, see

Do I need a calculator?

Not necessary, most of numeric field supports inputs like 3*(4+5). See end of

Can I move quickly on agenda, timesheet or plan?

Yes. Usually on calendar based pages like agenda, timesheet, plan, issue planner, operator load or assignment priority, you can move fast by clicking on the date bar at the end of the page or by click and move on the period  bar at the top of the page.

Can I save useful links on Twproject?

Yes indeed. On each page you can open the “home” menu and click “+ add current view to bookmark”; from here on, current page will be available in the “home” dropdown. Consider that search parameters and actions will be saved as well and will be re-used. See External links can be saved as well.

Projects / Tasks FAQ

How do I create a new project?

You can create your first project by going to “projects” and pressing “create project” button. If it is disabled it means you have no permission to create a “root” project, eventually you may have permission to create sub-tasks on project where you are already working as project manager. /

How can I specify people working on a task?

You can do this by creating a new “assignment”. Each assignment define the resource working on that task, the role he/she plays and some additional information. You can have multiple assignment for each task. The assignment is the “core” of Twproject; it collects work done, planning, costs, permissions and subscriptions. See

Can I attach document to a task?

Of course, as many you want. Just drag files (one or more at once) on the document box in the project editor. If you upload the same file more than once, versions will be created. Uploaded documents will be full-text indexed.

Can I track task progress?

Yes, but what is exactly “progress”? How can you determine the correct progress percentage? We think that only the PM experience can answer correctly. Twproject supplies all the information needed for evaluating correctly the progress, but do not set automatically this number. Time spent, work done, issues closed/open, team size etc. all this information are available at glance. A thermometer will show you your project’s health.

Of course you will get informed on work done overflow, budget overflow, milestones approaching and other “alert”.

How can I insert and monitor task costs?

In Twproject costs are mainly given by work done. Assigning a resource to a task you can specify the estimated work to be done and the hourly cost; this is the minimal requirement for monitoring cost. Moreover you can also manage fixed costs for the project, this means costs that not comes from men-work; both estimated and actual costs are managed. You can also define a global budget for a project and eventually split this budget on sub-task.

You can also manage expenses for each assignee (e.g: travel or stay expenses) and assign him a budget.

Who users can edit my task?

You (the owner), the assignees with “task write” permission, eventually an area manager  (global task write permission), the system administrator. See

Can I create a discussion over a task?

Of course. You can start one ore more discussion on every task. You can get notified when someone contribute to discussion. See

Can I create a project template?

Yes. Every project can be used as “template”. You can simply copy a project; the copy tool will let you specify what you would like to reuse of that task If you want you can mark a project as “template” using a type.

Can I  move a project?

Of course. See

Can I categorize a task?

Tasks have a “type”, “relevance” and  a set of tags. Moreover you can eventually add a custom field. See

How can I set priority on assignments?

The simplest way is to go on the assignment editor from the project itself, and change the priority. Higher priority projects will “float” in your home page. You can plan an assignment priority on a weekly view: see

Can I move an assignment?

Yes. you may need, in some rare cases, this feature.

Can I give access to a customer of mine to its projects without giving a Twproject access?

Yes. You can set-up a project public page. This feature lets you define what you would like to allow to your customers. See

There is a task history log?

Of course. From the task editor, use the “more” button and then “logs”. Here status and date changes are tracked. In case your task uses a workflow “process” here you will have a detailer view.

Can I export task data?

Yes. You can export a project in MS Project format.

Messages FAQ

Can I send a message to my team with Twproject?

Yes. the easiest way if you want to send a message to one of your colleague is to open the “me” link at the top right of the page and click on “send a sticky”. Here you can write a message and decide to even send it by email.

Can I communicate with my team about a specific project with Twproject?

Yes. Every task in Twproject has a dedicated forum for all resources involved where you can create discussions about the project to be always in contact with your team.  To start a new discussion just go in the project and click on “discussions” in the right menu.

User, Resources FAQ

How can I delete a resource?

The right thing to do is disable the user and not delete it because a resource is generally connected to many entity in Twproject. In Twproject users may be enabled and disabled any time; as soon as a user is disabled, she/he is no longer counted in the license count, but all data connected to that user is preserved. Go in the resource editor of the resource you want to disable, in the tab called “security/login” here there is a field called “enabled”, pick on it and save.

If the user you want to disable is administrator remember to set at least another user as administrator before disabling it.

Can I set-up my organizational chart?

Yes, resources can be organized according to your company structure from the top to the lower levels. The main structure can be created with the “create company” button. In this case you can set the type of this entity that could be “department”, “unit” and so on, these types are customizable. Once the structure is defined you can add people to it with the button “new person”. Define the “resource of” field to specify the company unit he belongs to. for more info read here

Can I define a manager for a group of resources?

Yes, you can specify it in the resource editor just below the personal details.

Can I use Twproject for managing my contacts?

Yes. A resource in Twproject  can live without a login being just a contact, with all personal details, that you can easily search and read from the web but also from the mobile.

Can I assign a department to a task instead of a single resource?

Yes, doing this all resources in the department can read issues on that tasks. If a specific resource needs to record worklog instead, she has to be assigned herself.

Notifications FAQ

How notification works in Twproject?

There are three entities: events, subscriptions and messages.

Topic actions like task creation, status or dates changes etc. raises events when happens. Events are queued. By default every minute, event queue is scanned and matched with the subscription set.

If an event match with a subscription a message is generated and queued. Messages dispatcher periodically send messages on their channel (email, sticky, digest ect.).

Subscription are created while assigning resources to tasks. See

Which are the available channels to get notified?

Available channels are:

  • email: you will receive an email every time an event that you are subscribed to is generated .
  • digest: every week you will receive an email summing up all the events generated during the week that.
  • Sticky notes: when an event occurred a sticky note will appear on your Twproject screen.

Where can I see all my subscriptions?

All subscription are listed in your resource page. Click on your avatar at the top right of the page and then on “subscription” in the right menu.

Where I can change events listened by default?

Default notifications are set on roles, so when you are assigned to a task with a specific role, you will be subscribed by default to those event selected in the role. To edit these, login as administrator and go in admin page -> roles. Select the role per project you want to edit, at the bottom of the page you will find the table to customize default subscriptions.

Can I change my subscriptions for a specific project?

Of course, once you are assigned you can edit the assignment changing the subscriptions, just go in the editor and click on “customize your notifications”.

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