Notifications FAQ

How notification works in Twproject?

There are three entities: events, subscriptions and messages.

Topic actions like project creation, status or dates changes etc. raises events when happens. Events are queued. By default every minute, event queue is scanned and matched with the subscription set.

If an event match with a subscription a message is generated and queued. Messages dispatcher periodically send messages on their channel (email, sticky, digest or logs).

Subscription are created while assigning resources to projects.

Which are the available channels to get notified?

Available channels are:

  • E-mail: you will receive an email every time an event that you are subscribed to is generated .
  • Digest: every week you will receive an email summing up all the events generated during the week that.
  • Sticky notes: when an event occurred a sticky note will appear on your Twproject screen.

Where can I see all my subscriptions?

All subscriptions are listed in your resource page. Click on your avatar at the bottom menu of the page, choose an option in the menu and go to the last tab tab subscriptions

Where I can change events listened by default?

Default notifications are set on roles, so when you are assigned to a project with a specific role, you will be subscribed by default to those event selected in the role. To edit these, login as administrator and go in admin page -> roles. Select the role per project you want to edit, at the bottom of the page you will find the table to customize default subscriptions.

Can I change my subscriptions for a specific project?

Of course, once you are assigned you can edit the assignment changing the subscriptions, just go in the editor and click on “customize your notifications”.