Install Twproject

Twproject is built to run on your premises.
Three simple graphical installers allow you to install it in minutes on Windows, Linux or Mac.
If you already have your web server running you can eventually install Twproject by hand following a few simple instructions.

System Requirements

Being a Java application, Twproject runs everywhere, and by construction it runs on any relational database. It is a server application, so it runs as web server on a server, and it has to be installed only on the server. From all other machines, it is sufficient to point to the server with a browser, like Firefox, Chrome, Explorer (version >=10) or Safari.

It needs a relational database to write data. Almost all relational databases are supported; the installer supports natively MySql (5.7 excluded), SQL Server, Oracle, HsqlDB, and PostgreSQL. The default trial provided HsqlDB is very fast but avoid using it in production enviroment (Twproject -MySql e UTF8).

Java JDK 1.8 for the server  and Apache Tomcat 9 web server are provided with the installer; if you go with a manual installation you need to install them in advance.

Usually a machine with 2GB ram dedicated to Tomcat is sufficient to serve a medium group of users. 64bit application is preferred whenever is possible.

Here are the reference installations:  Windows 7 / 8 / 10/ Server 2012/2016, Linux Ubuntu latest release, Linux Red Hat latest release, Linux Debian latest release, Mac OSx latest release.
Regarding databases, both installer and upgrader are tested against MySql, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, HSQLdb.