Upgrade the application


>>> If you are upgrading from version 6 to 7 click here.

Upgrading using the installer

Twproject once per week check if there are new updates available and, in case it founds one, it notifies the administrator with an e-mail.

The installer contains a complete upgrade procedure. Depending on your current version, the upgrade process may change the database schema; you should backup the database before upgrade your instance.

Stop the running instance service and then run the new installer.

In case of schema changes, consider that also minor version contains database changes (5.x->6.x but also 6.x -> 6.y, but not 6.0.x ->6.0.y), the upgrade process may require a few minutes (up to 20 if you are upgrading from version < 5.3)

Consider that every mayor version requires a new license: if you have a TW4 license you cannot use it on version 5; the same if you have a TW5 license that cannot be used on version 6. Contact us if you need to upgrade a license.

Upgrading by hand

If you installed Twproject by hand you must upgrade it by hand as well.

You must consider that:
Twproject 6 run on Java JDK 7 (Tomcat 7 required)

Twproject 7 run on Java JDK 8 (Tomcat 9)

In order to upgrade by hand:

pre-requisite are to verify you are already using the correct JDK

1) make a complete backup of your application and data
2) stop the application server (Tomcat or other)
3) delete the directory WEB-INF/lib
4) delete the directory WEB-INF/classes  (if you added something there, save it)
5) extract the zip or tar.gz or rpm files, merging with the existing files. Take care that the pre-existing folders must be merged with the new ones, which is default on Windows, but not on Linuxes and OSXs.

The only files that should not be replaced, eventually synchronized, for an upgrade are:
· [ROOT]/WEB-INF/lic.properties
· [ROOT]/WEB-INF/config.properties
· [ROOT]/commons/settings/global.properties

5) remove Tomcat “work” directory
6) restart the application server

The application, on restart after upgrade, does also a database upgrade.