Twproject can adapt to several “working styles”.

Our customers spans from large enterprises to small startups, and this is possible also because Twproject allows several types of customization.

With Twproject you can add new fields for projects, projects, resources, ToDos, worklog, costs, and so on directly from the web interface.

You can change the data exported to Excel by configuring them directly from the web interface, you can create new reports using jasper reports and integrate them with Twproject’s powerful filter engine.

You can extend the project data by creating ad-hoc custom documents/forms.

You may add functionality to your dashboards by creating new widgets, wizards or extended reports.

Every label in Twproject can be changed (from the web interface) to better fit your internal terminology.

If you need to have scheduled jobs to import/export data from/to CRM, ERP, Accounting systems, a practical engine will allow you to “open” Twproject to your world.