Workgroups / Teams

Twproject implicitly defines workgroups on every project, company or department. For example, when you are assigning resources to projects/phases, you are with the same effort planning the project, defining security and composing a workgroup. No repetitions required!

The fact that a company/department implicitly defines a workgroup is probably quite intuitive; but if you think about it for a moment, the same can be said for any project/phases.

So you can access a workgroup from both the resource editor and the project editor:

What can you do with a workgroup? For example you can access the group agenda, say to plan a meeting for the whole group; or you can send a message to the group.

So if you have a group of people as workgroup on a project, just click on agenda and you’ll get the agenda filtered by such workgroup:


Same for “operator load” and the others.