Issues bulk management

Sometimes happens that  the set of issues that you’ve carefully inserted on a task should be somewhere else and… should be re-inserted;  this will never happen in Twproject, thanks to “bulk operations”.

From the issue list page you can perform some simple bulk operations.


By selecting one or more issues, a button bar will fade-in at the end of the page. You can select every issue by clicking on the checkbox on top of the first column. Here are the possible operations – all will ask for confirmation before being applied:

1) close issues: you will set status of issues to “closed”

2) change severity: to bulk change the severity of the selected issues

3) change status: a bar will let you select a new status with notes, by clicking proceed you will apply the status to each issue.

4) move to task: a bar will let you select a task where to put you issues.

5) move to resource: a bar will let you select a new assignee for issues.

6) merge: descriptions of selected issues will be “merged” in a single one. Issues must be “compatible” in the sense that task and assignee must be the same.

7) remove selected: remove selected issues.

8) print selected: print selected issues.