Scheduled jobs

There are several activities in Twproject that are executed during batch processes. Twproject includes a powerful scheduler that is used internally but could also be used to schedule some additional custom projects.

Click on “scheduler monitor”:

Here you can see if the scheduler is running. By default Twproject scheduler is launched when the application starts.

You can stop the engine and restart it. By default the scheduler perform a check of waiting jobs every 5 seconds.

“jobs recently launched” contains (usually nothing) jobs that are currently running.

The bottom box contains jobs that are waiting to be launched. Next and last run times are both displayed.

You can force a job execution by clicking on button.

Twproject’s scheduler is built to run also in cluster environments. One node only will run a project, inhibiting the other.

You can change timing of a job by editing it:

You will have different kinds of schedule: minutes, single, daily, weekly and so on. For example,

means every 180 minutes forever.

In the right part you must specify a class. In some cases you may have to insert parameters.