Import contacts and resources

Importing contacts

Go to resources page and click I in the upper right corner to import contacts:


Import from a CSV file: the CSV format: you should produce a CSV file with “holes” for missing information:


Fields imported and their “column” position:

First_Name -> 1

Last_Name -> 2

E__mail_Address -> 5

Business_Phone -> 7

Mobile_Phone -> 11

Business_Street -> 18

Business_City -> 20

Business_State -> 21

Business_Postal_Code -> 22

Business_Country -> 23


This will parse the file, page the results, and for each line tell you whether an existing resource is found, and you can choose whether to import the line or not, by selecting a checkbox, and choosing the “import selected” button. We had to ask confirmation for each line, in order not to damage existing data. Remember to go through all pages of the result.

You will need to create login data for those users that can log in.