Chat & Discussions

Twproject facilitates discussions on projects. Twproject chat replace all your external tools centralizing project communication and increasing productivity.


Conversation is the natural way of work so chats will be directly connected to your projects. Decisions, doubts solved, all saved in the project history.

To create a new chat just go in the project editor, you will find it on the right sidebar.

The chat can be created for the entire workgroup or just for the selected project assignees.

Once created you can just start sending messages to your colleagues that will receive notifications on their desktop (if you enabled https) and in the left menu 

Chat  works in a pinned mode allowing you to continue working on projects without leaving your context, chatting with your colleagues and working at the same time.

We discuss to take decisions, and decisions need to become things to do easily. Every message of a chat can be transformed in ToDo with a click. Just go on the message and click on the ToDo icon.

Twproject chats can be created also within colleagues,  connected to any project, to talk about work but also about personal things, chat log will be visible by participants only. Twproject Chat is included for free to every plan.

On every project or phase, you can even start some discussions. Discussion are driven by roles permission and you can have several on the same project: