Notifications and subscriptions

When you create the assignment, you are also subscribe the resource to receive notification on some events happening on the project (“push” subscriptions). By default “events” you will be subscribed to, depend on the role you are playing; “project managers” will receive, for instance, notifications on cost,  “workers” will not. Every user can add/remove subscriptions, and default subscriptions can be changed as well.


There are several events you can listen too. Basing on your habits you can receive messages on different channels:
E-mail: well known channel, but do not generate to many mail
Digest: a single mail sent periodically that collects every notification
Sticky note: is a pop-up message “glued”on Twproject screen; a sort of Post-it
Log: is the less invasive channel. Received messages are notified on the menu bar

Usually messages generated by actions performed by a user  are not notified by the user itself.

Listened events

task status change: this event is raised when the status of the task changes. Usually this is a crucial point in project management; projects coordinators or production managers should subscribe to this event.

task dates change: this event is raised when the task’ schedule changes.

task milestone closer: when a milestone is approaching this event is raised. By default the alert is 3 days before the milestone, but you can change it from the configuration pages

task issue/expired: the end / closing date for an issue on the task or the task itself has expired and the status is still open.

added issue: an issue was created on this task.

closed issue on task: an issue was closed on this task.

issue updated: this event is raised when an issue on the task is updated.

worklog overflow on assignment: when the work done on the task exceeds estimations, this event is raised.

budget overflow: expenses for the assignment are beyond budget.

worklog misplaced: Twproject allows every user to add worklog (of course only users assigned to a task) whenever they want. This means the you can add worklog on closed tasks or outside the task dates scope. This is heresy in classical PM software, but is something that in real life happens all the time. So the alternative is between having rigid software with incomplete/fake data or flexible software and real data; we prefer the latter. In order to stay informed in case of “strange” worklog recordings, Twproject raises this event.

overtime: work done daily for the project exceed the resource daily capability

diary change: raised when someone added a new comment on a task

child added on task: raised when a new sub-task is created

document added: someone added a document to this task