Custom fields

Custom fields are available on projects, resources, ToDos, assignments, worklogs and costs.

Administrator can create new custom fields from “admin” –> “Customizations” : for instance clicking “on project”

Once fields are defined you will find them on the respective editors; in project editor for instance

Notice that field input validation is active; number are treated as numbers so the dates, the boolean and the Person too.

You can also search / filter by these fields in the project search page:

There are many option to define each field.

Here some custom field examples:

    • Unused field: no -> the field is inactive
    • Simplest case: my code -> a string
    • Length defined case: my code,20 -> a string 20 chars length
    • Double case: cost,15,java.lang.Double (also Integer or Long)
    • Date case: when,10,java.util.Date
    • Boolean case: approved,1,java.lang.Boolean
      (a checkbox will be used for data entry)
    • Twproject object case: customer referral,25,com.twproject.resource.Person -> a Person
    • see this task,25,com.twproject.task.Task -> a projects

Fixed values

  • A fixed code-value list displayed as radios:
  • A fixed code-value list displayed as combo:
    genre,6,{values:{"m":"male","f":"female"} ,displayAsCombo:true}
Using DB table (both internal to Twproject or external)
 lookup on field,25,{ query:{ ... },connection:{...} }
  • simple case:
    query:{ tableName:"olpl_operator", idColumnName:"id", descriptionColumnName:"loginname" }
  • complete case (more flexible)
    query: {
      select:"select id,name,surname from olpl_operator",
      whereForFiltering:"where name like ? order by name,surname",
      whereForId:"where id=?"


  • specify an external connection (if not specified Twproject db will be used):
      url:"jdbc:mysql://[YOUR SERVER]/[YOUR DB]",
      user:"[YOUR USER]",
      password:"[YOUR PASSWORD]"


Required fields: add “,required” at the end of the field definition

  • A generic text field: my code,required
  • Date required case: when,10,java.util.Date,required
  • A lookup: lookup on field,25,{ query:{ ... },connection:{...} },required

Tree structured objects (e.g.: projects or Resource):

  • Add a field on root level only: add my code,20,...,rootOnly
  • Add a field on child level only: add my code,20,...,childOnly

If you want to internationalize the field, just create a label with the name of the field.
E.G. if you need a “street” field, insert on the custom field “street,25” and the go to
admin->labels and create a new label called “street” and insert “street” for English, “rue” for French, “via” for Italian and so on.