Use Twproject on the Cloud

Twproject is available as cloud service. This means that you get a private, dedicated server running Twproject on Amazon cloud. Here we present all details of the service.

Server types

As detailed in the purchase process, Twproject cloud service comes in different form and prices. The five server type categories presented (Micro, Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise) correspond to server types and features as supplied in Amazon’ AWS Service, which we now present in detail.

* All technical features presented here are as available on January 2018 and may change in time, usually for the better.

All server versions

All servers are Windows Server 2012 Datacenter on processor AMD 64 bit. The database is MySQL version 5.6.

Each server resides in an Amazon “zone”, which means that services will be optimized in speed for that world region. Our automated procedure picks between USA East and Europe Ireland, but other USA and also Asian and South American zones are available on request.

Cluster solutions are available on request.


Your Twproject server instance comes provided with the full functionality of Twproject’s latest version and several other services:

– the server comes with a full mail server active on the “info” account of the sub-domain that has been activated on your purchase.  This way you are ready to go right from the start receiving e-mail notifications of the subscribed events. The mail server supports both SMTP and POP3.

– the server has an active backup service that daily creates complete backups of database data and uploaded media on Amazon’S3 service (hence not on your server). We can give you direct access to the backups on request. Backups are retained for 30 days.

– at Twproject update releases, your server will be automatically updated.


Most features of your server can be modified and upgraded on request, preserving all data. Upgrades may require a brief downtime that will be planned ahead.

You may ask for a more powerful server and/or more disk space.

New user’ purchases are available directly from inside Twproject web based application, by accessing as administrator, going to admin -> shop. Again if you have special requests, we will be happy to help.


Security and backups

Twproject runs under HTTPS. As said above, there are complete backups of your data on Amazon’ cloud, so your data safety does not depend on your server’ health.