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Features Enterprise
Unlimited Projects check-mark
Task and Subtask Management check-mark
Task Activities Management (Issues/To-Do) check-mark
Project Documents Repository check-mark
Basic Dashboards check-mark
Unlimited Resources: people, companies, customers check-mark
Agenda check-mark
Boards check-mark
Gantt: Interactive Editor check-mark
Timesheets & Time counters check-mark
Project Baselines (history) check-mark
Team Discussions check-mark
Alerts / Subscription Management check-mark
Activity Organizer (Kanban) check-mark
Project Templates check-mark
Project Public Dashaboard & Ticketing check-mark
Project Mailboxes check-mark
Project Costs & Review check-mark
Resource Workload check-mark
Resources Expenses check-mark
Activities Planner check-mark
Meeting Management check-mark
Advanced Dashboards check-mark
Timesheet Management & Approval check-mark
Import / Export (Excel) check-mark
Mobile App check-mark
Resource planning check-mark
Custom fields check-mark
Custom Forms / Wizards / Reports check-mark
Advanced Security Customization check-mark
Excel Export Customization check-mark
Advanced Business Process Customization check-mark
Jasper Report Integration check-mark
External CRM, ERP, Account Connection Capability check-mark
Encrypted Repository / Database Repository check-mark
Multiple Security Areas check-mark
Source Code Available (under NDA) check-mark

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are licenses counted?

Licenses are counted by enabled users; projects are always unlimited. Each user with enabled login counts for one user. No test for concurrent login is done, so concurrent login has no influence on license count. Users may be enabled and disabled any time; as soon as a user is disabled, she/he is no longer counted in the license count, but all data connected to that user is preserved.
In short, only those that really can work in Twproject are counted.

Is support Included?

Free support is provided through our support site where all our customers will find most common questions, they can ask for help, submit tickets and read the user manual.

How do I extend my license to more users?

If you need to upgrade to the higher plan just contact us.

Can I access my data?

Yes, you can anytime access the complete backup of your data, it will be supplied in the form of MySQL scripts and your repository content.
Read the terms of service.

What about privacy?

Twproject run on https. We are bound by European Community privacy laws(GDPR), which are quite strict. You can require any time the complete deletion of all your data from our servers, just write us at Your Twproject instance will run on a cloud server dedicated to you. Your instance is backed up daily with 30 days retain. Your instance is completely deleted after a week if you do not renew your payment.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can stop the payment at any time by logging into your Paypal account and canceling the subscription, from that moment on you will no longer be charged.

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