Integrations FAQ

Can Twproject share agenda with Google, Exchange, Outlook or others?

Yes you can.

Can I schedule a process for bulk operations?

Yes, Twproject has its own scheduler that is used by default for monitoring events, dispatching messages, download e-mail and so on. If you need to schedule some additional jobs, there are several ready-to-use jobs you can use: org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteJavaMain, org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteOsBatch and org.jblooming.scheduler.ExecuteSQL could be a good starting point to develop you own or to use them as-is.

Can I use my LDAP for authenticating users?

Yes you can.

Can I create my ERP/CRM bridges?

This is the most common integration our customers requires. A good starting point is to use a scheduled job for performing such operation. Other solutions can include wizards and plugins. Contact us, we will be happy to give you hints and eventually cooperate for developing your bridges.

Can I import/export to MS Project

Actually you can, but considering the differences between data models, exporting from Twproject is a lose-something operation. Importing from MS Project is generally ok.