Customizations FAQ

Can I customize my homepage / dashboard?

Yes. By default every supplied page (get things done, project manager,  supervisor etc.) is customizable. You can add/remove widget to get your page confortable.

Can I add custom field on Twproject main entities?

Of course. Projects, resources, ToDos, assignments, worklogs and costs can have up to 6 custom field. Custom fields are really flexible and you can have different types like strings, numbers, files, or any Twproject entity, but also external lookup.

Can I filter for custom fields values

Yes of course.

Can I write my own report?

Yes. Twproject uses Jasper Report for creating in minutes powerful reports.

Can I attach a customized form to a resource or a project?

Of course; this is a really flexible way to add structured information on project or resources.

Can I have a wizard for creating a project from my data?

Yes. Wizards allows to add functionality to Twproject.