Projects/phases FAQ

How do I create a new project?

You can create your first project by going to “projects” and pressing “create project” button. If it is disabled it means you have no permission to create a “root” project, eventually you may have permission to create phases on project where you are already working as project manager.

How can I specify people working on a project?

You can do this by creating a new “assignment”. Each assignment define the resource working on that project, the role he/she plays and some additional information. You can have multiple assignment for each project. The assignment is the “core” of Twproject; it collects work done, planning, costs, permissions and subscriptions.

Can I attach document to a project?

Of course, as many you want. Just drag files (one or more at once) on the document box in the project editor. If you upload the same file more than once, versions will be created. Uploaded documents will be full-text indexed.

Can I track project progress?

Yes, of course.

Twproject includes nine different automatic rules to calculate project/phases progress.

By worklog / estimated: project progress is calculated according to the work inserted on the estimated one.

By phases (weighted): in this case Twproject considers the relevance of each phases and its progress to calculate the parent progress.

By phases completed: in this case the parent progress follow the status of its children, for example if the half of its children are closed the progress is at 50%.

By ToDo closed / total: project progress increase according to the number of its closed ToDo.

By cost / estimated & by cost / budget: Project progress increase according to costs bear in relation with estimated ones or budget.

By date: Project progress increase with end date approaching.

Different phases calculate their progress using a different rule.


How can I insert and monitor project costs?

In Twproject costs are mainly given by work done. Assigning a resource to a project you can specify the estimated work to be done and the hourly cost; this is the minimal requirement for monitoring cost. Moreover you can also manage fixed costs for the project, this means costs that not comes from men-work; both estimated and actual costs are managed. You can also define a global budget for a project and eventually split this budget on phases.

You can also manage expenses for each assignee (e.g: travel or stay expenses) and assign him a budget.

Who users can edit my project?

You (the owner), the assignees with “project write” permission, eventually an area manager  (global project write permission), the system administrator.

Can I create a discussion over a project?

Of course. You can start one ore more discussion on every project. You can get notified when someone contribute to discussion.

Can I create a project template?

Yes. Every project can be used as “template”. You can simply copy a project; the copy tool will let you specify what you would like to reuse of that project.
If you want you can mark a project as “template” using a type.

Can I  move a project?

Of course.

Can I categorize a project?

Projetcs have a “type”, “relevance” and  a set of tags. Moreover you can eventually add a custom field.

How can I set priority on assignments?

The simplest way is to go on the assignment editor from the project itself, and change the priority. Higher priority projects will “float” in your home page. You can plan an assignment priority on a weekly view.

Can I move an assignment?

Yes. you may need, in some rare cases, this feature.

Can I give access to a customer of mine to its projects without giving a Twproject access?

Yes. You can set-up a project public page. This feature lets you define what you would like to allow to your customers.

There is a project history log?

Of course. From the project editor, use the “more” button and then “logs”. Here status and date changes are tracked. In case your project uses a workflow “process” here you will have a detailer view.

Can I export project data?

Yes. You can export a project in MS Project format.