Can I attach files to a ToDo?

Of course, you can attach up to two files/screenshot simply dragging them on the ToDo line.

Should I use phases or ToDo?

Good point! We suggest to use ToDo if you think the problem/phase requires “hours” to be closed. Use phases if you think you need “days”. Do not use projects or phases for micro-management; ToDo are much more flexible. A complex ToDo can be anytime transformed to a project or phases.

Are ToDo status customizable?

Yes, an “administrator” or “area manager” has permissions to create new statuses:  from menu, Tools –> Lookups –> ToDo statuses

Who can create ToDo on a project?

Every user with “ToDo can create” permission. Usually this permission is given to project managers and workers to a project. See below for detail on security:

How are ToDo sorted?

ToDo are always ordered by gravity. Inside the same gravity, you can sort them manually by drag & drop.

Are ToDo events notified?

Yes;  creation, status changes, overdue events are generated for ToDo and sent to the subscribed users (by default the assignee). See below for details on subscriptions:

How can I refine ToDo search?

There are many ready-to-use filters, but you can refine them by clicking on “refine search” link. You can filter for many ToDo and project properties such as status, description, assignee, severity, dates, tags and so on. You can always save you preferred filters.

Can I assign ToDo to a department?

Yes, You can assign a todo to a department so that it can be seen and performed by any of its members.

 Can I add comments on ToDo?

Every ToDo has its own log. Comments are added to it. You can add comment from the ToDo editor.

Can I add mensions on ToDo?

Yoo can add in in ToDos comments with @ character and start typing the name of the person. Select him with the mouse from the list and repeat this step for all the people you want to quote.
Obviously, the more you type the more refined the search result will be.
Save or send the message and that’s it.

Can I record work on ToDo?

You can record work done on ToDo only if you are assigned to that ToDo. You can record time by clicking on the “watch” icon. When you set the status to “closed” the input is automatically shown.

How can I export ToDo in Excel?

From the ToDo list, just click on “export” icon at the top-right of the page. You can customize the information exported.

Can I organize my ToDo weekly?

ToDo can be used for planning activities. Once you select your ToDo, click on “planner” link. Then you will be able to assign ToDos to resources and define the due date.


Can I use ToDo with Kanban?

Yes. Filtered ToDo can be organized using the Kanban page. Twproject Kanban works with multiple dimensions: gravity, status, assignee, project/sprint. See below for details.

Is there an ToDo history log?

Every ToDo maintains its own history. Open the extended editor to see the log detail.

Can I add ToDo by e-mail?

Yes. Twproject can perform many actions by sending e-mail to it.  See below for details.

How one of my customers can add a ToDo/bug?

Two ways:

Can I perform bulk operations on ToDos?

Just filter candidate ToDo than select the ones you want. A box with available operations will be shown. See below for details.

Can I organize my schedule on a weekly basis?

ToDo’s can be scheduled in time thanks to the planner function in ToDo’s menu.

Once ToDo are selected you can move them in an “agenda” style view setting the due date.