Mobile FAQ

How can I access the mobile version?

Simply navigate with your mobile browser to your Twproject address, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile version.

What can I do with the mobile version?

Access all your Twproject projects, ToDos, worklogs, events. Add and close ToDos, record worklogs, add events. Read documents. And a nice last touch, you can access Twproject’s file storages, so Twproject is acting as a gateway for you mobile access to your intranet documents.

Is my mobile device supported?

Twproject mobile works on the following devices: iPhone 3/4/5, iPad, Android and Blackberry (do test your device on the demo).

Do I need to install an app on my mobile?

No, just open your mobile browser and navigate to [YOUR TWPROJECT URL]/mobile. That’s all!

For a better user experience you can eventually add the Twproject page to your Home screen.