Resource planning FAQ

Where can I see the work load for a team?

From the “workgroup” box on a project (or on a department) click on “operator load”. From the load page you can eventually add more people to inspect on-the-fly.

Can I plan activities day by day?

Yes. For each assignment you can define the working plan. From the “workgroup” box on a project (or on a department) or directly from the assignment click on “see plan”.

How can I set priority on a task?

You can set priority on assignments.

How can I see assignments for a resource?

From a resource page, click on “assignments”.

Does work done, affects work load estimation?

Yes. By default Twproject uses remaining work (work to be done – work done) to compute the load for the future. If you didn’t done you work fro today you will probably need to work a bit more tomorrow Smile.

Can I plan activities using issues?

Issues can be used for planning users activity. Using the issue planner you can set the day you want to close an issue; estimated work on the issue give you the work load for that day.