Time Tracking FAQ

Can I insert work done weekly?

Yes, in Twproject there is a specific page for this that you find clicking on the “timesheets” button in the main menu.

Can I insert work done for someone else?

Yes, in the timesheets page (“timesheets” button in the main menu) there is a specific combo that let you select resources. By default it select yourself but you can anytime change it to insert worklog for someone else.

There is a way to start recording time spent?

Twproject supports time counters. This functionality lets you start recording time on a specific task just clicking on a button, something like a semaphore that you can turn on and off. Read here for more info:

Can I exclude some worked hours from project costs?

Yes,  In the cost page there is the possibility to filter worklog by its status. So for example you can have a report of your task cost just by worklog marked as “billed”. Consider that worklog status are customizable by the user.

Can I record work done for a specific issue?

Yes. If the issue is assigned to you, there will be a watch icon in the issue line. if you click on it  a yellow box will appear at the top of the page where you can record your time spent, the date and a description. The same yellow box will appear every time you mark on of your issue as closed.

Can I insert my work done directly on my dashboard?

There is specific widget for doing this called “WORKLOGDAY” that you can add to your page while customizing. How to do that is written here:

Is there a way to check if I forget to insert work done for some days?

Yes, just go to your timesheets page and click on -> “check worklog” -> “check days missing worklog”. You will be able to specify a range of dates for checking.

Can I insert worklog on non active task?

Yes, by default your timesheets page will show you just your active tasks in the week you are looking to have the page as clean as possible. However, that page you will also have a combo where you can find non-active task, simply choose on of them to have it added to the list.