Dashboard FAQ

How can I change my default page?

Open the “home” menu drop down, go to the page you want to set as default, then open again the menu and click “set as my home”.

How can I add/remove a widget on my page?

Open the “home” menu drop down and click on “customize this page”.


If there is not such option, probably this page has been set as “not customizable” by the administrator.

How can I restrict access to some pages?

Administrators can restrict the access to some pages by adding required permissions. For special purposes administrators can create new permissions.

How can I create a new widget?

Quite easy, but you need to be a little confident with Java and Jsp. That said, there are several examples supplied. 

Is the page grid configurable?

Yes, page grids are called “templates”. https://twproject.com/support/twproject-advanced-usage/customizations/dashboard-customization/

Can I set a page un-customizable?

Yes, go to “admin” –>  “Customization” –> “pages” –> edit page and set switch off “customizable” flag.

Can I set some widgets mandatory for each user?

Yes, you can put mandatory widgets on “not customizable” areas. The page must use a template with such areas defined . Default ones have such areas.