Localization FAQ

Which languages are available?

Twproject is actually available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian,  Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Slovenian.

How do I change Twproject language?

Go “admin” –>  “Basic system configuration” –> “Language, dates, currency” here you can change the default Twproject language. This will be the language every user will see once logged. Every user then, if they need can change its own language by the option page.

Can a user see Twproject in his own language?

Yes, every user can set its preferred language.

How do I change the server timezone?

Go “admin” –>  “Basic system configuration” –> “Language, dates, currency”

Can I use Twproject with my currency?

Yes, go “admin” –>  “Basic system configuration” –> “Language, dates, currency”. Same currency is used across users.

If I change a label, what happen upgrading Twproject?

By default, your label changes are saved on the database, so that they will be preserved.

How to contribute in Twproject translation?

If you would like to start a translation for a new language contact us info@twproject.com.