User, Resources FAQ

How can I delete/disable a resource?

If a resource has worked in Twproject on several projects, it could be impossible to delete it due to connections to all main objects. The best way to discover if this is the case  is  to try deleting it. If you get the error you will need to delete anagraphical data and then, if for example your user asked to remove its data from your instance, replace his name with xxx.

If it is not necessary to delete user anagraphical data, the right thing to do is disable the user. In Twproject users may be enabled and disabled any time; as soon as a user is disabled, she/he is no longer counted in the license count, but all data connected to that user is preserved. Go in the resource editor of the resource you want to disable, in the tab called “security/login” here there is a field called “enabled”, pick on it and save. If the user you want to disable is administrator remember to set at least another user as administrator before disabling it.

Can I set-up my organizational chart?

Yes, resources can be organized according to your company structure from the top to the lower levels. The main structure can be created with the “create company” button. In this case you can set the type of this entity that could be “department”, “unit” and so on, these types are customizable. Once the structure is defined you can add people to it with the button “new person”. Define the “resource of” field to specify the company unit he belongs to. for more info read here

Can I define a manager for a group of resources?

Yes, you can specify it in the resource editor just below the personal details.

Can I use Twproject for managing my contacts?

Yes. A resource in Twproject  can live without a login being just a contact, with all personal details, that you can easily search and read from the web but also from the mobile.

Can I assign a department to a project  instead of a single resource?

Yes, doing this all resources in the department can read ToDo on that projects. If a specific resource needs to record worklog instead, she has to be assigned herself.

 How can I reset a password?

To reset your password you need to be sure that email integration has been set on your instance (Twproject cloud has it by default).

In the login page click on the “forgot my password link” and insert your login name. You will receive an email with a link to follow to insert a new password.