Tips / Tricks FAQ

How can I link entities in Twproject?

Every entity is identified by a code or its id. If you write on a test field T#code_or_id#  Twproject will transform this string in a clickable link. Use T#code_or_id# for project, I#code_or_id# for ToDo, R#code_or_id# for resources, B#code_or_id# for boards, A#code_or_id# for agenda events. The code for each object is generally shown on the respective editor.

How can I search for projects created before a specific date?

Every filter fields can be used using QBE syntax. Writing “<1/1/2015” on a date search field means every date before 1/1/2015. But you can write “LM” as well that means every date in Last Month. There are lots of useful tricks.

Can I use short “something” while inserting dates?

Yes, lots of “something”! “Y” means yesterday, “T” means today, “LW” means last week, “–3d” means three days ago. See the complete reference here

Can I send documents to a project via e-mail?


Do I need a calculator?

Not necessary, most of numeric field supports inputs like 3*(4+5).

Can I move quickly on agenda, timesheet or plan?

Yes. Usually on calendar based pages like agenda, timesheet, plan, ToDo planner, operator load or assignment priority, you can move fast by clicking on the date bar at the end of the page or by click and move on the period  bar at the top of the page.

Can I save useful links on Twproject?

Yes indeed. On each page you can open the “tools” menu and click “+ add current view to bookmark”; from here on, current page will be available in the “tools” dropdown. Consider that search parameters and actions will be saved as well and will be re-used. External links can be saved as well. See: