Gantt chart FAQ

Can I import in Twproject a project built with the free on-line editor?

Yes of course! Go to projects and click on import button image and choose “import from Gantt”. You can eventually import a Gantt as phase, doing the same steps from the project editor.

Is the Gantt chart editor open source?

Yes it is. jQuery Gantt  editor is released under MIT License, one of the most “open” open source licenses. This a way for us to say “thank you” to the open source community.

What browsers are supported?

All latest versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera. SVG version requires IE>=9

Can I print a Gantt?

Yes. A dedicated style sheet will be applied while printing. One page for data grid, one for the Gantt side. You will print what you see.

Which dependencies can be managed on the Gantt chart?

For years, Twproject has managed dependencies of the classical type Finish to Start (FS):
Meaning that activity A must finish before activity B starts, or in other words, activity B cannot begin before A is completed.

Starting from version 7.1.004, the following types can be managed: Finish to Finish (FF), Start to Start (SS), and Start to Finish (SF) relationships. See details here.