New Twproject is out!

We have been waiting for this day for a long time and it has finally come! What a thrill to show you the new Twproject!

These past few years have taught us many things. One of these is how important are project management software for managing projects deadlines and shared ToDo.

Smart working made it clear: relationships and communication are important as well as not having information scattered in different places, on different Excel sheets, suddenly not reachable.

We created the new version with this in mind, to ensure that a software is truly helpful to everyone and therefore usable by everyone. The bet is to do this while keeping the wealth of features that project managers needs.

Here are the news in our Project management software

Without a doubt the most exciting news is the WBS.
This is the feature that will most improve usability in Twproject.

Thanks to the WBS you can create phases and sub-phases without going thorough the Gantt editor that still remains at a click distance. We improved it as well including also baselines.

WBS is integrated with contextual alerts.
It will warn you if there are any phases that have inconsistencies, such as overdue dates or excess costs.

Alerts refers to different project’s sections like assignments, costs, documents and ToDo.

Yes, you got it right, ToDo not issue.
Another big news, in fact, is that you will no longer find “issues” in Twproject.
Don’t worry, we just changed its name.
Issues have definitively abandoned us, but they have been replaced by ToDo’s which inherit their enormous flexibility with even more capabilities.

ToDo (old issues) now have a title, to make the list much more compact. They can recur, and can you can organize them with a completely redesigned Kanban and Planner. You won’t believe your eyes!

Another big news refers to the resource workload. We did a great job here beacuse we know that you love this feature a lot.

One of the first improvements is the introduction of a new type of assignment to manage unplanned activities.
This will allow you to finally take into account those spot projects that generate load from time to time, convenient, right?

The second news, and certainly the most interesting one is the integration of the workload with Gantt editor.

On a project Gantt you can now see load percentage of the resources assigned. Move activities and balance the loads. But that’s not all, Twproject can suggest a project end date (or a phase one) based on current loads.

The new version of Twproject introduces a further level of statistics. It is on a specific project tab, with project history navigation.
Data collected by Twproject are represented in reports for costs, worklogs, Todo, but also graphs relating to individual assignments, and a new graph for user score.

Twproject costs are now more readable and a we also added a brand new section for revenues and cash flow.

Twproject user interface has been completely redesigned so, as you can guess, the new things are many.

I will mention just some of them: lists with editable columns, new indexing machine to find all the information with a click, private projects, enriched public pages, new dashboards, enhanced filters and much more.

Twproject is ready to help your company tackle the projects of the future effectively.

The new version will surprise you

If you are a customer with a valid Twproject license and you want to upgrade write us or follow the instruction on our support site.

Save yourself from those creepy projects!

It’s Halloween this night and you, just like a toddler, are scared…not by vampires, witches or creepy mummies but by those projects that will never end in time nor in budget. I know it sounds familiar, but Twproject is here to help with a new fantastic release and a special 15% coupon discount for all those brave project managers who want to fight monsters ūüôā


The coupon is valid until the 4th of November so do not waste your time and start organizing your projects better so that you can just focus on candies!

The new release (6.5.65012) includes several bug-fixes and small improvements. The complete lists is available here.

New Twproject Release – Project progress check bars on Gantt

Twproject is out with a small new release including some bug fixes and a new interesting feature.

Twproject 6.5.65011 includes a new bar that can be activated on your Gantt showing task progress over time. You can pick a date, or more than one and see the progress status of your task at that specific date:

You can check the entire list of features/bug fixes in our change log.



New Twproject Release – Attendance Overview & Task File Storage

We are finally out with a new great release (6.5.65009). Among lots of improvements and fixes, we include 3 new fantastic features: a dedicate page for resource attendance, 1 new widgets that will enrich your dashboard and last but not least a new way to link a specific file storage to your entire task tree.

You can download the new release here, it includes some database schema updates so do a complete backup before upgrading.

Widget dashboard

A new widget will help you having an idea of the load of your team, you can also change tho workgroup checking the load of different resources.

Attendance Overview

The other great feature we added in this new release is a dedicated page for attendance overview.

For this purpose we changed the event type behavior. Since this new release you will not have the unavailable check anymore in your event, but you will need to specify a type, types are now marked as unavailable or not:

So, for example, to create an unavailable event for holidays, you will need a holidays type marked as unavailable.

The update procedure will create automatically a new event type called”unavailable” and will assign it to all events marked that way. After you create the correct events types, like permit or trip, you should change events, at least those in the future, with the correct types.

To help you in this procedure we also changed the event list page to bulk change types.

Thanks to this the attendance overview will look like this:

You will have the list of your event types with relatives events, a specific row for worklogs (red if missing) and one specific row for overtime: calculated according to your work settings, worklog inserted and unavailable events.

Task File Storage

The first step to assign a file storage dedicated to your tree is to create it (tools -> file storages).

Once You have it (copy the filestorage code) you can go in the dedicated section from admin -> project defaults:

In this case FT is the code of the file storage that I have created before, a folder in my file server I pick to save projects file:

Thanks to this simple step, from now on you will have on your project/tasks a dedicated folder for your files. The system will create a dedicated folder for every node of the project tree, and the name of this folder will follow the specification you insert, in my example I chose the task code.

The complete list of all new features is available on the change log page.

Monitor your team with Twproject

New Twproject 6.5.65004

A new Twproject release is out today, with some small enhancement and some bug fixes. This release is free for all plan and does not contain any schema update. For the complete list of changes take a look out our change log.


This new release includes a new rich HTML editor that you can use for sending messages, writing notes and meeting minute.

We also introduced a new repository type to organize uploded twproject document in folder by day/month/year and a new bar in task statistics for task’s helth.

The list of small improvements is rich as well so just go take a look!

Check the list of improvements and fixed bugs.

Twproject 6.4.64001

A new Twproject release is out with some great features included in all plans. This is a free upgrade for all Twproject users and includes some database changes so do a complete backup before update.

If you are updating from a version before 6.3 remember to check the upgrade guide here:

Gantt PDF export

The first and more important one is the new Gantt print functionality that generates a pdf with the entire Gantt finally solving the big images print browser issue.

The print button has been reintroduced in the Gantt editor to generate the pdf:

Resource operating hours

A great new feature introduced in 6.4.64001 is the resource operating hours available in the work settings tab. Thanks to this new functionality you can specify resource working hours day by day. Operating hours are considered in operator load and plan for every day load calculation.

Project progress calculation

Twproject includes now nine different automatic rules to calculate task progress.

By worklog / estimated: task progress is calculated according to the work inserted on the estimated one.

By sub-tasks (weighted): in this case Twproject considers the relevance of each sub-tasks and its progress to calculate the parent progress.

By sub-tasks completed: in this case the parent progress follow the status of its children, for example if the half of its children are closed the progress is at 50%.

By issues closed / total: project progress increase according to the number of its closed issue.

By cost / estimated & by cost / budget: Project progress increase according to costs bear in relation with estimated ones or budget.

By date: Project progress increase with end date approaching.

Different sub-tasks calculate their progress using a different rule.

You can check the complete list of new features and fixes on our change log here.

Let’s check these new features.

Twproject 6.4: API & Webhooks

Today we are so excited to announce that you can now add and access Twproject data using our simple stateless API.

The Twproject API lets you build a variety of applications and scripts to integrate Twproject with your business systems, read Twproject data insert and update data from different locations.

Twproject 6.4 release includes some important security fix, check them from the complete changelog:

Twproject 6.4 Changelog

What is an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. It allows software like Twproject to exchange data with other softwares. For example, when a new customer is created in your CRM software, the API can be used to create a new task in Twproject for managing pre-sales activity. Or Twproject can tell to your accounting systems via its API how many hours you spent for that purpose. The communication goes 2 ways.

Why an API for Twproject?

The main purpose of an API is to make your life easier by “synchronizing” data between the different software you use to run your business. Twproject is good at managing projects, your accounting software is good at counting moneys. With an API both software can finally talk together, and bridge the functional gap between them.

What can the Twproject API do?

Thanks to the new Twproject API you can finally integrate your existing services with Twproject, you will be able to create/update/delete all the main Twproject’s objects like task, resources, assignments, issue and so on.

The Twproject API is designed to be as simple as possible for other developers to work with.

Twproject API authentication is based on an API key that can be generated by every Twproject enabled user, but in case you are calling the API from portlet/widget running inside Twproject itself it is not required, the current https session will be used for authenticating your requests.

Inside your Twproject instance, in the admin panel you will find a dedicated section with a test tool to try your request and see the actual response.

Twproject send data in JSON (two standard data formats) and can receive data from other applications in JSON.

API & Webhooks

Together with Twproject API we are also announcing our new webhooks to be notified via HTTP-POST if something happens on your installation.

You can configure several webhooks for different events.

All events available can be cheeked from the admin API panel in “Webhooks configuration”.


If you have any question about Twproject API and webhooks, please post them on Stack Overflow¬†with “twproject” in the title, we are monitoring that channel and we will answer you promptly.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed feedback and waited patiently for the API to become available. We can’t wait to see what you create.

For more information about the API and Webhooks, have a look at the API documentation.

Donwload now Twproject 6.4

Twproject 6.3.63004

Twproject 6.3.63004 is out with a redesigned project statistics page. Thanks to your feedback, with our design team we decided to remove the project full editor moving it in pop-up, redesigning statistics and moving button on the right bar.

Now the page is so much easy to read, button on the right open the pop-up to change task data:

Another great feature we added in this new release is the possibility to add file in chat, images, videos, pdf, everything you need to share with your colleague, that you can then check or download.

The complete list of changes is available on our changelog page here:

Get Twproject Now!

Twproject 6.3.63003

A new Twproject release is out with several improvements and new features. This is a free upgrade to all our customers of version 6, no database changes included.

One of the feature we like the most for this release is the new gallery for scrolling images attached to issues:

Thanks to this you can now browse your images with a simple click.

Get Twproject Now!

The complete list of changes is available on our changelog page here:

Twproject 6.3: Simplify Communication with Integrated Project’s Chat!

Today we announce a great new Twproject release that includes an integrated Chat tool that will simplify your company way of communication about projects.

The new release includes also some other interesting features, free to download for all customers of Twproject 6, let’s see them in details:

Twproject Chat

Twproject chat will finally replace all your external tools centralizing project communication and increasing productivity. Conversation is the natural way of work and finally all your chats will be directly connected to your projects. Decisions, doubts solved, all saved in the task history.

Creating a new chat is easy, just go in the project editor, you will find it on the right sidebar.The chat can be created for the entire work group or just for the selected task assignees.

Once created you can just start sending messages to your colleagues that will receive notifications on their desktop (if you enabled https) and at the top right of Twproject  page  .

Chats can be seen in a pinned mode allowing you to continue working on projects without leaving your context, chatting with your colleagues and working at the same time.

We discuss to take decisions, and decisions need to become things to do easily, with the new chat you will get just that, your boss asked you to do something? Just go on the message and click on the bug icon, issues will be created in a minute. Twproject chats can be created also within colleagues,  connected to any project, to talk about work but also about personal things, chat log will be visible by participants only. Twproject Chat is included for free to every plan.

Gantt History

Another great feature of Twproject 6.3 is the Gantt history slider that will allow you to move back in time with your Gantt seeing how your projects has changed from their start. Clicking on the clock the slider will appear and you will be able to pick a date and see what was the status of your project at that date and its progress, a small lighter bar will appear below every task.

Moving the slider these bars will move too, showing changes of the project tree.

This feature is free for every customers with enterprise license.

Download now the new release!

Several Other Improvements

In Twproject 6.3 we introduced several other improvements like a special filter from the headline to see all your issues to be done today, with Twproject will be even more easier now to manage your deadlines.

We also introduced a new task status for managing tasks depending from other. The new status is called “waiting” and it is managed only by the application through dependencies (not visible in dropdown). Thanks to this the “suspended status” became completely free for usage and acquire more powerful meaning. Suspended task does not alarm you anymore and are not counted anymore in resources workload.

Last but not least we implemented a way to customize interface color easily(task status color too).

If you think that this is not enough you can find the complete log of Twproject 6.3 release here:

Please refer to the dedicated support page before upgrade: update-twproject-6-3


Let’s check all these new features

New in Twproject 6.2.62004: Bulk Assignments

If time is one of your most valuable resources you will probably love this new release because it will let you save a lot of time.  Even if summer holidays is right behind the corner we never stop improving our software and today we finally introduce a bulk assignments functionality and you will love that!

If you are a Twproject user you already know how powerful the workgroup functionality is but let’s do a brief recap: Twproject workgroup lets you create teams filtering by name and now also by tag, once you’ve created your team or teams you can save the filter and find it already filled every time you see this icon¬†

With the new workgroup filtered by tag you can now create groups by skills and save them for your projects.

Get now Twproject 6.2.62004

Bulk assignments example:

From now on, free for all users with advanced and enterprise license and on Amazon cloud, you will find a new button in the assignment creation

Thanks to this button you will be able to assign a filtered set of resource with one click. Resources can be filtered by name or tag or with already created filters, in my example I am creating assignments for the new December issue for National Geogrphic and I am searching for all writers that will work on this copy. I’ve a already created filter selecting all my writers.

When I insert them the system will ask for a role to pick, I can choose one for all or select row by row, but Twproject will do more than this, Twproject will show you the work load of each resource I select. This information could be crucial, I can use infact this functionality to simply select the writer less loaded in this case Silvia:

So, the workgroup functionality applied to assignment can be helpful in two different ways:

  1. Select a standard group of resources to assign on a project: thanks to saved filters you can create groups reflecting teams, for example the design team, the marketing team, the administrative team.
  2. Select resources by skills (tags) and find the best ones for the project: which one is unloaded?

Twproject 6.2.62004 includes also a list of small improvements and bug fixes that you can find in our change log.

Check the list of improvements and fixed bugs.

Let’s check this new feature.

Twproject 6.2.62003

Twproject new release is out with some great improvement. This new release is all about security management and you will love it, because it will give you more control on resource privileges.

In the past few weeks we have analyzed in details some of your requests regarding resource rights on all the main Twproject’s objects, several of our customers request also a more configurable security management on managers and departments.

What we have done is described below:

New roles for managers and team members:

In this new release we have introduced two brand new roles dedicated to managers and team member.


These new roles specify what a manager can do on its resources and what a single resource can do on her objects.

Now, being a manager of someone else, gives you some customizable rights, for example the ability to manage worklogs or expenses or check operator load and plan.

Manager can check issues of his department and tasks of his resources (according to enabled rights).

Twproject 6.2.6003

Managers and team member can be defined on the resource page, in this section nothing has been changed, you can create a resource and you can specify who is her manager.

More control on resource privileges:

Twproject 6.2.6003 includes also several new permissions for deleting main objects dividing the creation rights to the deleting one.

We also divide the project creation right to the task one, thanks to this, you will be able to allow a resource to create just sub-task on your area  and not root projects.

A specific right for changing task and issue status has been introduced.

All these improvements will give you more control on your projects.

Now you are able to assign a resource on a task, giving her a list of to-do that she can close but not delete.

Now you are able to let the manager check the operator load and plan of his resources without being assigned on the same tasks, and much more.

Project colors

Now, you can specify a color for each project that you can see in lists and also in the Gantt view. The Gantt has been improved and can be seen in full screen modality.


The list of  improvements, features and bug fix is available in details in our change log page.

Download Twproject latest version.

Twproject 6.2.62001

I’m really happy to announce a new great Twproject release. This release includes an important fix related to task statistics and totals.
You can download the installer here

Download the new Twproject release.

We also work and improved a lot the plan and operator load page.

Operator Load: The Ideal Trend

In this new release we’ve introduced a checkbox to see the ideal workload of a team without considering the time elapsed and the work already done.
The standard workload load calculation in fact spread the remaining work to do in the remaining task days. This view is very important in case you do not use the time sheet functionality.


And More…

We introduced also some other feature like the Gantt collapse all and expand all, and the possibility to see on the plan page the entire task tree.

[av_promobox button=’yes’ label=’Twproject Changelog’ link=’manually,’ link_target=” color=’custom’ custom_bg=’#ffffff’ custom_font=’#8cc8de’ size=’large’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ box_color=’custom’ box_custom_font=’#ffffff’ box_custom_bg=’#8cc8de’ box_custom_border=’#ffffff’ av_uid=’av-2kztsk’]Check the list of improvements and fixed bugs.[/av_promobox]

Want to know more about Twproject?

One try is worth a million words.

Twproject 6.2 – A Brand New Mobile App

Twproject 6.2 is finally out with a brand new mobile interface.
We are so proud of it and we really hope you will find it useful and practical as we do.

In the last few months we listened to all your comments and feedback and we realized that having a new app that could be more operative was crucial. Twproject is now used worldwide by thousands of companies: shared teams, flexible environments, enterprise customers that need to access everyday  Twproject just with their mobile devices. Now, with this new release, creating tasks, adding assignments, documents and issues is easy and fast and its all in your hand.

The design of the new mobile interface is easy to understand and use, we worked a lot on this aspect and I think we found the right compromise between powerful functionalities and usability.

A closer look to the new mobile app:

To access Twproject mobile just navigate with the browser to:


and add the page to your home.

It runs perfectly on every mobile devices, IOS, Android, Windows without installing anything new.

Login with your Twproject account and, on the dashboard, you will have exactly the same information you find on your desktop version. Things requiring attention are on top, marked with a red line, and then your open tasks, your issues and your approaching milestones.


At the top left of the page you have always the menu icon, opening the main menu to access projects, issues, resources, agenda, documents and file storage, worklogs ad expenses.


On every list you will be able to add new items and save, or to go back to the previous page (bottom bar). Twproject security model is applied on the mobile app too, so you can do here everything that you can do on the desktop application.


The mobile app is very practical for inserting worklogs, closing issues, using timers just with few clicks. On projects and issues in fact, you have a swipe menu to easily insert worklogs or expenses.



With the new Twproject mobile interface you can access your contacts, read project documents, check your agenda.

Twproject mobile is free to all customers of previous versions and included in the free Twproject trial.

The power of Twproject wherever you are.

What’s new in 6.2?

The new release includes also a lot of small improvements and bug fixes.

Al details are available on the log here

Want to know more about Twproject Mobile app?

One try is worth a million words.

Twproject 6.1.61008 – Even More Secure

Twproject 61008 is out with an interesting list of features and improvements. Before checking them in details a special thanks to Larissa from Hornbach that revise our German translation entirely. The improved translation is available in this release.

We have significantly improved performance in saving big Gantt charts and introduced a lot of small improvements like filtering assignments list, moving in timesheet page with arrows, full task path in all pages and notification and several others.

The entire list of features introduced, bug fixed and improvements is available on our change log.

Even More Secure

The new big feature introduced is that now you can set a default number of login attempt before asking for captcha.

This, in case  your Twproject is exposed online will prevent external attacks making your Twproject more secure than ever.

The number of attempts can be set from the administration page:


and this is what you will have in case of too many wrong attempts: the user will be asked to confirm he is not a robot.


This new features is included in Twproject 6.1.61008 that is a free upgrade for all users of Twproject 6.

[av_button label=’Download Twproject now’ link=’manually,’ link_target=” size=’large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’green’ custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ av_uid=’av-38yy76′]

Twproject 6.1.61007: Three Features You Cannot Miss

Twproject  6.1.61007 has been just released with a huge list of features, fix and improvements that you can read here in details. This new release includes 3 amazing new features that will improve your every day usage of Twproject.

As always this is a free upgrade for all users of Twproject 6.

1) A brand new Dashboard

Twproject dashboard has been redesigned to improve readability, helping your team getting things done. Task requiring attention are now more visible, appointments are easy to read and find.  Twproject customizable dashboards are your home to check open tasks and things to-do and we are always at work to get it better and better.


2) Documents: easy to add, share and move

Attach documents to your projects has never been so easy, now you have a dedicated editor for each kind of document you want to add.

You can simply drag and drop your files to upload them in your repository, or  you can create a link to an already uploaded file, available in your file server. With Twproject you even create a link with a repository available on Google drive, Dropbox, GitHub, every service exposing an URL. Last but not least you can create brand new text documents with all the information you need, authoring, versioning and locking available!


The new release include also documents’ bulk actions, move them to projects or resources can be done with a click.

3) A new UI for inserting worklog

In these latest releases we have changed the way of inserting worklog trying to find a better way for you to record your time. In this new release we finally did the last step introducing a contextual box for your registrations, the same that you will find in the issue list, and all over the application.


We believe that inserting worklog is one of the most important yet hardest thing to do, and this is the reason why we have always done our best to let you insert worklog with the minimum effort possible. We hope that this new release will do the trick.


Let’s check this new feature.

Twproject 6.1.61003: A brand new way of inserting worklog

Improving¬†Twproject is also about making changes, after a long¬†period of study on¬†our customers experience and feedback. Every time we release a new feature we listen about your suggestions and impressions but we also monitor with several kind of testing tool the user experience and the learning period. Our time sheet page has remained unchanged for a long period but we have had the impression that, at an early¬†stage it was really hard to use and understand. Continue reading “Twproject 6.1.61003: A brand new way of inserting worklog”

Twproject 6.1: tickets and baselines

Twproject is used all around the world by all kind of teams, most of them are smart production companies that design, develop and crete amazing new products. If you are one of those, this new release is dedicated to you,  with Twproject 6.1, in fact, you will be able to follow all your customers requests completely.  Twproject is now equipped  with a powerful ticket management system that allows e-mail “closed loop”.  This new feature, combined with re-designed project public pages, give you a new integrated and powerful tool to manage your entire products life-cycle.

And that’s not all…this new release includes a new project history viewer to check how your projects statistics changed in time, Project Managers will be now allowed to inspect project baselines.

Twproject 6.1 : tickets and troubleshooting management

How do you usually receive feedback from your customers? By e-mail? Or using a dedicated web page?

With Twproject you can have both up and ready with few clicks. Enabling a specific project page you can allow your customers to send you requests.

Tickets will be collected in the right place, your project, and you will be notified immediately every time a new request is added.  Your customers will monitor their requests, checking their status, adding comments,  from a single dedicated page.  Every e-mail exchanged will be tracked by Twproject and saved on the ticket.

Supporting the e-mail closed loop you will be able to check all requests added to your e-mail account, answer to your customers and having all the conversation saved in your Twproject’s ticket!



All of this integrated with the most powerful project management software.

Twproject 6.1 is closer to your customers: the new project public pages

Do you want to involve your customers in one of your projects? Just set-up a project public page.

Your customers will see the project progress, health, statistics, the entire Gantt chart and will have a simple way to communicate with you: a form to submit requests; but they will see only what you want to show them.



Twproject 6.1 keep the history

You need to re-schedule your project? Just do it!
Twproject 6.1 records daily the complete status of your projects. Now you can inspect baselines and see your project’s status in the past with the flashback slider.


Twproject 6.1 is nicer

Our UI team is always at work to refine Twproject user interface and in release 6.1 they tried to get easier the editing phase; “add” buttons has been enlarged and are now context responsive. Several pages has been fine tuned to be more captivating.

We also add the possibility to upload a logo for projects, companies and resources so that identifying your customers will be so much easier.




Twproject 6.1 is more

Release 6.1 includes also some interesting features on Gantt Editor (columns sizes are preserved and has been introduced better visibility of task progress), task and issue list can be now filtered by “customer” and “recently used”, issue requester can now be a company instead of a person.

All improvements and bugs solved are listed here

The update is free for all users of version 6. A few changes on database schema will be done at startup.

[av_button label=’Download the new Twproject now’ link=’manually,’ link_target=” size=’large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’green’ custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ av_uid=’av-38yas0′]


Twproject 6.0.60018: Improvements and fixes

Another great release is out today including a significant list of improvements and fixes. Our team is always working on improving Twproject interface and functionalities in order to make your every day work even easier.

Search field on tables:

We often hear¬†about users¬†having a long¬†list of projects with similar names that were difficult to find in the timesheet page. For this reason we introduced a small search field that will help you find your tasks for registering worklog. One of our customers, that has already tried the feature, define it this way “In a simple way you have resolved a complex problem”


Additional costs management:

We introduced a new dedicated page for managing ¬†task’s additional costs. Having under control task’s¬†costs and budget will be so much easier now.


Task Json import/export:

We also introduce an import export procedure dedicated to those that are migrating from our online demo to the production server, or from the test database to the real one. The exported task will include all the structure, assignments and resources, costs and worklogs are not exported.

Security model refinement:

We also worked on refining the security model introducing a dedicated permission for managing assignment expenses. Resources with this permission will be able to manage, approve and delete this objects.

Twproject permission will be updated automatically, giving this new permission by default to all of those having the assignment manage one.

The release includes some interesting fixes on Gantt Editor, operator load, events and issues, also some small improvements on translation and layout:  all listed here

The update is free for all users of version 6 and does not include database changes.

[av_hr class=’invisible’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’ custom_border=’av-border-thin’ custom_width=’50px’ custom_border_color=” custom_margin_top=’30px’ custom_margin_bottom=’30px’ icon_select=’yes’ custom_icon_color=” icon=’ue808′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-2abidl’]

Let’s check this new feature.

Twproject 6.0.60017: Mobile Receipt Upload

Things are a little bit messy right now at Twproject because we are developing a brand new mobile app and we are totally over excited with all the new great features we are developing. Waiting for this new amazing release, we are still improving our beautiful application, even the mobile one, today in fact I introduce you the new mobile expenses editor with the possibility to upload pictures directly from your phone. You just need to update your Twproject and the mobile application will be updated too.

File upload on assignment expenses was already available on the web application but now it is available on the mobile view too, so practical to just take pictures of your tickets and receipt and upload them on your assignment.

The complete list of bugfix and improvements is here:

This is a free upgrade for all users of Twproject 6.

It does not include database changes.
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