New Twproject is out!

We have been waiting for this day for a long time and it has finally come! What a thrill to show you the new Twproject!

These past few years have taught us many things. One of these is how important are project management software for managing projects deadlines and shared ToDo.

Smart working made it clear: relationships and communication are important as well as not having information scattered in different places, on different Excel sheets, suddenly not reachable.

We created the new version with this in mind, to ensure that a software is truly helpful to everyone and therefore usable by everyone. The bet is to do this while keeping the wealth of features that project managers needs.

Here are the news in our Project management software

Without a doubt the most exciting news is the WBS.
This is the feature that will most improve usability in Twproject.

Thanks to the WBS you can create phases and sub-phases without going thorough the Gantt editor that still remains at a click distance. We improved it as well including also baselines.

WBS is integrated with contextual alerts.
It will warn you if there are any phases that have inconsistencies, such as overdue dates or excess costs.

Alerts refers to different project’s sections like assignments, costs, documents and ToDo.

Yes, you got it right, ToDo not issue.
Another big news, in fact, is that you will no longer find “issues” in Twproject.
Don’t worry, we just changed its name.
Issues have definitively abandoned us, but they have been replaced by ToDo’s which inherit their enormous flexibility with even more capabilities.

ToDo (old issues) now have a title, to make the list much more compact. They can recur, and can you can organize them with a completely redesigned Kanban and Planner. You won’t believe your eyes!

Another big news refers to the resource workload. We did a great job here beacuse we know that you love this feature a lot.

One of the first improvements is the introduction of a new type of assignment to manage unplanned activities.
This will allow you to finally take into account those spot projects that generate load from time to time, convenient, right?

The second news, and certainly the most interesting one is the integration of the workload with Gantt editor.

On a project Gantt you can now see load percentage of the resources assigned. Move activities and balance the loads. But that’s not all, Twproject can suggest a project end date (or a phase one) based on current loads.

The new version of Twproject introduces a further level of statistics. It is on a specific project tab, with project history navigation.
Data collected by Twproject are represented in reports for costs, worklogs, Todo, but also graphs relating to individual assignments, and a new graph for user score.

Twproject costs are now more readable and a we also added a brand new section for revenues and cash flow.

Twproject user interface has been completely redesigned so, as you can guess, the new things are many.

I will mention just some of them: lists with editable columns, new indexing machine to find all the information with a click, private projects, enriched public pages, new dashboards, enhanced filters and much more.

Twproject is ready to help your company tackle the projects of the future effectively.

The new version will surprise you

If you are a customer with a valid Twproject license and you want to upgrade write us or follow the instruction on our support site.

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