Tips & Tricks: Create Projects by E-mail

Even if I’ve worked with Twproject for several years I get surprised every day by  its number of hidden features. The one that I show you today could really help you, if, for example, you cannot access the application and you have to create a task to save information that you can loose otherwise.

Twproject is able to create a task, with document attached and assignments simply reading an email written in a specific yet simple defined format.


Email Subject
NEW PROJECT Twproject Mobile Release 3.0
Email Message
START 08/11/2016
END 15/03/2017
A complete redesigned user interface and functionality for Twproject mobile app.

This email will create a task with name “Twproject Mobile Release 3.0” and code “TW_MOB3.0”. As you can imagine this task will start on the eight of November and it will end in the middle of March.
All the text of the message will be saved inside the description, and last but not least, in case you attach documents to this e-mail, those will be saved as document in the task.

Twproject security model works also in this case, the sender e-mail, in fact,  needs to be related to a user with task create permission.


Is that simple, isn’t it? You can even create a template of your message that you can use to compose it in seconds!



The Map For Great Customization – Twproject Objects Reference

One of the most interesting characteristics of Twproject is the great customization capability that it offers to all its customers. Customizable dashboards and web parts, custom fields on all main objects, custom filters, custom Excel exports, this is what Twproject lets you modify in order to best fit your own work habits.

In order to help you generating great reports in few minutes we recently introduced an interactive page showing a complete Twproject Objects reference. Navigation between Twproject Objects is intuitive giving you access to the complete set of field you can add in your own report.

This new page is available from the customizing page in the admin section, let’s see an example of how to use it.

Say I want to modify the Excel Export on my task list adding task start date, the number of issues created, the number of open ones and also the first custom field I’ve added on my tasks.

First of all I need to go in the admin page in the Excel customization part and change the value of the CUSTOM_EXPORT_EXCEL_TASK field.

Custom Excel is created reading a JSON object specifying the name of the column and the values.

Clicking on “see Twproject’s object reference” you will be able to navigate all the task fields and methods finding all data you need to read:


The number of total issues, the open ones and the custom field are available directly on the object as fields using:


Instead there is not a direct start date field but a schedule which represents a Period object that can be navigated.

Navigating the Period object you will find the start field, reachable this way:


So here is what you have to write in the export customization field:

"status":"obj.status","custom Field 1": "obj.customField1", "total issues": "obj.totalIssues", 
"total open issues":"obj.totalIssuesOpen"}

Navigating all Twproject object is really easy using this reference, but in case you need help writing your Excel export do not hesitate and write us.

Let’s check this new feature.

Lots more…

Twproject facilitates user interaction and at the same time offers tools and tricks for the power user.

Languages, dates, currency

Twproject is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Chinese and Japanese. You can easily create and modify labels. Notice that also non-latin alphabets are supported. So also aesthetic and linguistic preferences can be satisfied. Moreover, dates and currency handling can be configured to adapt to your regional settings on a user basis.

Search anywhere from everywhere

The search field in the menu accepts a “prefix syntax” of search shortcuts: by default it searches in resources, t: searches in tasks, d: in documents, etc. . Notice how what you’ve written appears in the resulting filter, and can be further refined.


Any project can be used as template for any other. This holds for sub-trees, assignments, issues and more.

Cross links from any text

You can refer and link to any “entity” from any descriptive field. For example, you can link any task, resource or issue from any event in the agenda. You can link any other task from a project description or deliverable. Same from the issue description and so on.

Query by example (QBE)

The query by example search method offers an easy way to compose complex queries, by using operators in the search fields. Even date functions can be used in searches (and also saved in filters). A complete guide to QBE is linked from all search pages. Now filter by datecontrols support dates shortcuts.

Search and saveable filters

All filters can be saved, reused, refined. You can also define a default filter and order to be applied on accessing the search page. Notice also that all lists are paged, page size can be defined, applied immediately.

Delete preview

Deleting a task or a resource can have far reaching consequences; it is essential before proceeding to have a detailed picture of what we are eventually removing. Twproject provides an accurate and interactive feedback.

Worklog <-> agenda

You can move between worklog weekly view and the corresponding agenda week and meetings with one click. Hence you can evaluate resource availability.

Acting by e-mail

Not only agenda events can be added from Outlook, but also documents can be added to tasks by sending an e-mail, and resources created by sending a VCard. See the “manage by mail” video.

Additional fields on tasks, resources, assignments, issues, costs

By just giving labels to them, you enable additional fields on tasks, resources, assignments, issues, costs which can be used in search and filters.

Custom forms and prints

Twproject supports the creation of complete custom forms, which are automatically linked to projects and tasks, according to type. Example forms are provided. Additional prints, and actually any kind of wizard and page can be added quite easily.


Which number should I give to the next document? An easy protocol numbering system is included. You don’t need to keep counters in Microsoft Excel or in mind :-D.

Remember my choices

Whenever it makes sense, the interface automatically records the filtering options you chose. See a few examples.

Custom homes

Every user can customize the layout and content of her/his home page, with a simple drag and drop interface with an immediate preview of what will be obtained. With the help of your technical staff, you can easily build custom parts and integrate them in the homes. With the built in news management system, “company news” can be published in all home pages; the news archive constitutes a sort of “company history”.

History in short

For all objects (tasks, resources, issues, assignments, appointments …) you always see when they were created, by whom, who last modified them, in which area they belong; also from lists.

Compute in fields

You can use arithmetic expressions in numeric fields: the result of the computation will be saved. You don’t need to bring out the calculator (actually, there is one built in Twproject).

Shamelessly cheap

Well, it simply is the cheapest complete work management application ever.

Access projects anywhere

Access all your Twproject projects, issues, worklogs, events. Add and close issues, record worklogs, add events, read contacts. Read documents. And a nice last touch, access Twproject ‘s file storages acting as a gateway to your intranet documents.You won’t need to install anything on your mobile, It is simply HTML5 so it runs on all devices.
twproject mobile

It integration

Twproject runs on any server (is built in Java), on any application server, on your database, on all main browsers and in your language (all utf-8 encodings are supported). Moreover, its sources are available. It is the easiest application to integrate with your IT infrastructure. Being on your database in a normal and simple relational form, you are always in control of your data.

Get your projects done

How do you facilitate getting your projects done? Twproject answer is capturing work done in real time. With Twproject you will be always able to access up-to-date projects data: tracking progress, forthcoming deadlines, worklogs and costs will be much easier. And you can do this while changing projects structures, creating new tasks, moving one task from one project to another.
This makes it possible to adapt and change projects as does the real state of the matter you are working with. Twproject has a built-in agile backbone that makes it useful in the most diverse situations.

More projects done by:

  • quickly create and change projects with the powerful tree and Gantt editor
  • insert and manage quickly tens of issues with several dynamic editors
  • real time monitoring and projections of work state, past and future
  • active time-sheet definitions, and hence cost control

And more!

Moreover projects support cut/paste, cloning, creating templates, have milestones, dependencies, have integrated issue tracking, a diary, boards, detailed log of scope creep, have deliverables, have customizable project forms for evaluating complexity/risk/value …


With Twproject you get the advantages of both project management and workflows in an integrated solution. Twproject has complete coverage of business process patterns giving you flexibility and standardization of processes and easier change support.


Agile / Scrum / Kanban

Designed to adapt to your organization’s processes, Twproject supports different flavours of Agile methodologies: XP, Scrum, Kanban.
Twproject is so flexible that it lets you map projects, tasks, issues to people and customers, in many different ways, but so that all data from the different projects and methodologies ends up in the same place.
Twproject includes tools such as Kanban, burn down graph, tasks as sprints, panic board, delegation by contract.


Twproject tracks your issues

In Twproject you define and organize your team’s issues, prioritize, order, and take action on what’s important, staying up to date with what’s going on around you.
Twproject makes all of this easy, so your team can spend less time managing the work and more time making your business grow.


Documents at one-click distance

In Twproject your documents always are at one-click distance from the project. Just drag your documents on the browser to have them available on your project. Versioning, file locking, authoring and classification are all supported.Do you want to spare the hassle of upload/download of files already secured and classified on your server file system? Easy: you can directly link projects to a set of folders and files on your servers.

Keep your teams connected

Twproject dynamically creates teams according to the project you are working on. You can communicate, prioritize, check their work load, share agendas, files.
Join the team discussion available on every project, keep your teams connected.

Your time is valuable: log it with Twproject

However you work, there is a solution in Twproject time tracking system: time can be logged in several different ways because Twproject will adapt to your habits.

For instance, if you are a graphic designer, a developer or a customer support specialist, issue/ticket based worklog is your way of work logging. If you are an architect who is often doing field work, you may need a weekly plan; also a detailed view is available. If you are a project manager or an accountant, you may need timer based recording.

Work log can be validated, approved, and monitored in real time.
Generated costs can be verified any moment.


Project Management

With Twproject you will be always able to access up-to-date projects data: tracking progress, forthcoming deadlines, worklogs and costs will be much easier. Twproject is a project management solution that minimizes the effort of administrative tasks and lets you focus on what’s really important for your company.
Twproject makes your data easier to collect and tracking task progress will become easier too.

 You have to manage hundreds of projects and tasks?

Dashboards adapt to the currently active projects. Powerful search forms help to find and manage large volumes of projects. All your filters can be saved (with one click), refined and reused. Results can be printed, exported in Excel format, shared. You can choose the project events you want to subscribe to, and also “push” subscriptions to assignees.

With Twproject you’ll get

  • project and task based team and work-group definition (getting a shared agenda, issue management, team load, …)
  • automatic time sheet definition, and hence cost control
  • personal dashboards
  • full web based Gantt editor

And more!

Moreover projects support milestones, dependencies, have integrated issue tracking, a diary, boards, detailed log of scope creep, have deliverables, have customizable project forms for evaluating complexity/risk/value …