Twproject Changelog


23 November 2021

  • ToDo Service Level Agreement (SLA) widget. You can define your level basing on ToDo gravity
  • ToDo list: you can opt-in the expanded view
  • List pages: a “gear” button allows you to customize the view
  • Kanban cards: attached files are now opened in gallery
  • Selector for local roles do not check for report permissions
  • Project launcher: security exception raised assigning themselves
  • Mobile: links on messages are now open in mobile app
  • Wizard menus enlarged
  • ToDo list has been compacted
  • Messages, Events, Subscriptions editors has been re-designed
  • Mobile: sticky and logs added to menu
  • Worklog list: column size optimized
  • Public page gantt: locked buttons has been hidden
  • Attachment gallery: counter added and optimized size
  • Expenses are not included on totals
  • Public page: error commenting a ticket
  • Job editor layout fixed
  • Upgrade procedure cleanup: checks for removing very-very old unused tables
  • Project type editor, do not allowed changes
  • Custom fields label resized
  • Login NPE when no default page set at user and global level
  • Tag boxes: in case of multiple lines in edit do not open correctly
  • Kanban: pn/un-pin fixed
  • Wrong link on notifications fixed
  • Project progress report was not visible on task editor
  • Task short-path do not work correctly
  • Several missing labels added


12 November 2021

  • Kanban: is now possible to organize it by ToDo “type”
  • Kanban: each column show the number of ToDo contained
  • Kanban: always preserves gravity,manual sorting fo ToDO
  • Kanban: always uses alphabetical order for columns
  • ToDo list: view has been compacted
  • WBS: add phases is now easier to use
  • Assignments: project launchers (project create permission) must be allowed to auto-assign as PM
  • ToDo: in case of r/o permissions the “add” button is visible. The action correctly rise a permission exception
  • Account creation: a “create login” button facilitate the process
  • Kanban: D&D between columns do not change gravity
  • Kanban: link to project added as icon
  • Mobile: several resource data are now displayed
  • Mobile: ToDo added type, impact, code and requester
  • Mobile: several screes re-designed
  • Fulltext search: tool restyled
  • MS Project import: tool restyled
  • All filters: it is now possible to search for un-filled types, tags etc using “[]” operator
  • ToDo list: database id added
  • Logged users widget: date added if needed
  • Chat: add emoticon preserves cursor position
  • Upgrade from previous versions: several error fixed
  • Several error fixed on generated messages links
  • Assignment split: error after splitting
  • NPE on task-related aggregated email messages
  • MS Project import: xml format fixed
  • Mobile: back click fixes
  • Mobile: first login fixed
  • Mobile: a just created resource was not visible
  • Timesheets: ignore the first day appointments
  • Timesheets: cannot remove a single log
  • Kanban: a double search do magih things
  • My assignemts widget rise exception in some cases
  • Meeting minuta: in some cases loose data modified
  • Safari & Firefox: some buttons do not work correctly


21 October 2021

  • Revenues: a new diagram is available
  • New widget: My ToDo Summary. If you work with several ToDo at once it is a great replacement for “My ToDo”
  • ToDo: do not check write permission for attachment remove
  • Project Manager permissions on worker expenses restored
  • Actions confirm is “floating” instead of stay close to button
  • Several labels added/improved
  • Popup editor size now fits the content better
  • Menu: sometime double click do not work
  • Dashboard customization: drag & drop improved
  • Kanban: board size is now best fitting
  • File storage: auto refresh when added on list
  • Additional option bars now have a uniform style
  • API: example on documentation improved
  • Gantt: in case of deleting multiple lines and “undo” the deleted tasks are not removed from database
  • Agenda integration: removing an event generated outside Twproject (Google calendar, Outlook etc.) do not remove the corresponding event in Twproject
  • Twproject installer. Windows service name conflict with version 6 fixed
  • Version check in Twproject admin page fixed
  • Socket error raised sometime refreshing the page
  • Tag boxes do not support read-only
  • Tag boxes do not support resize correctly
  • Agenda month: previous, next month do not work correctly
  • Assignment split can cause a 404 error
  • Portfolio statistics now checks the filter set
  • Project image now checks the size
  • Personal To-Do “done” checks< do not works correctly/li>
  • Plan by task: “show work load details” button restored
  • Kanban: in case of no To-Do rise e NaN
  • ToDo planner: print is not working
  • Lookups editors: mandatory field checks added
  • Timesheet: if you change the resource and then perform a bulk action, cells are refreshed with logged data, not the select resource
  • Move worklog: selecting twice a task generate an error
  • Time counters check: in some case do not stop correctly
  • WBS document counter: on MSSQL upgrade TW6->TW7 causes a wrong count
  • Query By Example: if you write something invalid on a date field cause an error
  • Mobile: expense editor attachment do not work


27 September 2021
This is a completely re-designed version. Tons of new features has been added.
A new license is required to use Twproject 7. Contact us at to convert your current license.
Several performance enhancements are now in place.
From the point of view of system compatibility Twproject now runs on JDK8+.
All java libraries has been updated to the latest version.
The newer versions of supported databases, are now available.
Here is an abstract of main changes:

  • Completely new UI
  • WBS integrated in project overview
  • New statistics with Echarts library
  • Custom forms integration in wbs
  • Complexity, Risk and Project Value assessment forms
  • WBS with alerts for dates, cost, resource workload, costs
  • New section for revenues and cash flow
  • The new “spot” assignment type for projects
  • Gantt-Resource workload integration
  • Gantt task end date suggestion
  • New Tags with tag cloud and a powerful editor (tags rename, merge, delete etc.)
  • Automatic task coding with user defined format (e.g. TYPE###YY-MM)
  • Issue has been renamed to To-Do
  • To-Do can be recurrent
  • To-Do subject added
  • New powerful Kanban
  • New To-Do planner
  • You can record time spent on To-Do starting a timer
  • To-Do comments: you can attach comments
  • Lists: most of then supports additional columns
  • Users usage statistics with weight panel and widget
  • New search engine with new UI and fields scores for better results
  • Delete preview with complete element counts and strong confirm
  • Lists and filters: new design with intuitive UI
  • Security: private projects. Visible to assignees only (no even the admin)
  • Security: Banned IPs management
  • Security: teams propagation. A PM with no additional permission can assign resources at the same level
  • Deletion log enhanced
  • New intuitive recurrent events editor
  • JDK8+ and OpenJDK compatibility
  • DB compatibility with MS-SQLServer 2019, MySQL 8, Postgresql 13, Oracle 19, Hsqldb 2.6
  • Latest Hibernate
  • API: more commands available
  • Project baselines are now explicitly editable
  • Workflow engine removed
  • Cost center moved from assignment to task
  • New summary widgets available
  • Query By Example: on date fields you can use “w(2)” or “m(5)” for the second week or the fifth month of current year
  • Assignment statistics are now available
  • Resource hourly cost can be inherited from department/company
  • Permissions propagation: cannot assign with a roles that has more permissions than you
  • Agenda management permissions added on system roles
  • Public page: meetings can be visible
  • Public page: documents can be visible
  • Task recode tool: now do it better!
  • File storage list do not wait for connection
  • Database schema simplified
  • Signed pdf support .p7m
  • Attachment galleria show any “visible”
  • Resource name-surname or surname-name selection
  • Attendance overview anhanced
  • API dates fields: now supports both milliseconds or text representation in user format
  • Gantt: PDF export has now a better formatting
  • Timesheets: now available in 1,2,3 weeks and monthly views
  • Gantt: wrong week count
  • In case o LDAP authentication, users cannot change password from inside TW

Twproject versions 6.x changelog