Twproject 5.6.59820: subscribe to Gantt assignments

Twproject 5.6.59820 is a bug fix release, get it here.

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Gantt problem when browser time zone was different from servers.
  • Fixed getting subscriptions when creating assignments from the Gantt simple edit tool.
  • Now possible to add a property for activating TLS (mail server), use MAIL_SMTP_USE_TLS
  • Restored digest message dispatcher channel.
  • A few fixes on page customization.



Twproject 5.6.59808: in what time-zone does the project start?

This is a bug fix release.

Thanks to the feedback and collaboration from one of our customers (Johnson & Johnson) we have finally identified the source of a weird incongruence between dates in Gantt, project tree and task editor.

A working day calculation error could happen in cases when the time zone of the browser and the one of the server were not the same, and the project tree got edited in the Gantt window. This has been fixed, and the local time offset is always included allowing for the same project to be edited coherently in time from different time-zones.

For users with teams spanned across several time-zones this upgrade is mandatory.

editing a project from different time zones

Twproject 5.6.59805

This release contains some refinements and small bug fixes. You can download new installers here:

Cloud customers can write us if they want this upgrade.


Timesheets overview and alert job: a better view on future days and link from cells to weekly timesheet.


Agenda: more space for hours and auto-scroll to current hour.


Task editor and resource editor: a new compact set of buttons.



Bugs Fixed:

  • missing worklog checker job: the first day was always in alert
  • task costs: the first time you insert a budget and save it still says, falsely, “unsaved data”
  • import events from iCal: always says “unsaved data”
  • import events form online iCal: fails on some sites (e.g.:

Twproject 5.5 release: project reporting, collapsible Gantt and more

Reporting, statistics, Gantt, security and much more

After less than one month from last release, here is a brand new Twproject version with exciting new features.


Your project data are carefully collected and maintained by Twproject and this represents on of the most valuable aspect of Twproject adoption.
How can you extract your data and present it to your users? Actually Twproject has several pages with dynamic filtering capabilities that extract meaningful data, but a customizable reporting systems was missing…. until now!
On version 5.5 we have integrated Jasper Reports, one of most powerful reporting engine. Jasper reports add the capability to create your reports in minutes using an intuitive graphical editor.
Reports are integrated with the flexible Twproject security structure in an easy and practical way, without forcing users to write complex query and rules.

Here a screenshot from the report writer Jaspersoft Studio

Jasper Reports Editor


and a couple of reports

Jasper Custom Report: worklog by resourceJasper Custom Report: worklog by resource


Thanks  to a contribution of “BestKen” to our open source jQuery Gantt editor (see jQuery Gantt editor – collapsible branches) this version includes a nice new feature, collapsible branches:

Collapsible Gantt

Collapsible Gantt


On task data, there are more statistical information available: ideal trend, worklog aggregated, and worklog done


the visual comparison between trend and aggregation makes you get at a glance the project’s “health”.

This is the first step in introducing earned value management, that will be completed in one of the forthcoming releases.



In this version we introduced some new features related to security.

In Twproject you can upload files on tasks, issues, resources and so on. Uploaded files are indexed, for full-text searching, and then saved to a repository.  Now you can choose between three different kinds of storage: folder, encrypted folder or database.


In the first case uploaded files are copied as-is on a folder or network disk.

In the second case, files are encrypted using a AES key, and then saved on the same folder. File decryption is automatic when you need to access the file from Twproject, but the file itself remain encrypted on the repository. There are tools for generating AES keys and for encrypting existing files.

In the third case, files are stored on a database table as BLOB data.

Note: existing files will use its original type and will not be touched.



  • We have introduced a seal for every document that allows you to send a link to a friend (even without having a Twproject user defined). This link will be valid for 24 hours only, so that the risk of “leaks” will be reduced. Moreover the seal keep your repository safer, making harder an url guessing attack.
  • Another minor security improvement has been introduced for the LDAP mixed authentication. This authentication modality is useful in companies where Twproject is used by internal and external users at the same time. Sometimes a large company uses the LDAP authentication to make the user’s life better, allowing a single login name and password for multiple systems (and also to have a single point for password policy management). Actually Twproject can be used not exclusively by internal users, but also by consultants or third party suppliers that are involved in projects but are not present in the LDAP server (for several good reason 🙂 ). In this case Twproject can use a fallback to its internal authentication using its internal database. Now we can force LDAP users to do not fallback; internal user MUST authenticate on LDAP, external ones will fallback.

Bugs fixed and little features:

  • full search on plan comments
  • search on agenda events using “a:…”
  • IE fix on large auto-sizing notes fields
  • fix for jdk 1.7 in some comparators
  • a stylish background, and smoother colors


Twproject 5.4 now available

New free features and a new site

We are very happy to announce that after a long period of development we have just released Twproject 5.4 (build 59600).

This new release includes a relevant redesign of the interactive Gantt chart, moreover we improved the interface usability of the entire application, fixing most of the bugs signaled through our support forum (thank you!).

This release also contains a major internal refactoring focused on providing better access to Twproject trough an API that will be released soon.

Some additional fields have been added on the database schema, now supporting custom fields on resources; it is also functional to maintaining custom orderings in Gantt chart. As usual the upgrade procedure will perform all necessary steps automatically.


Gantt Chart


The new interface has been rebuilt using HTML5 and SVG, giving to our users a brand new usability experience.

We lets you navigate the grid using your keyboard, in this way editing and creating task will be much easier. We also introduce the fixed header to help users interact with complex trees. Task and dependencies can be selected and removed directly from the chart side.


The Gantt chart is now really easier to use. You can manually link projects creating dependencies, task names are displayed beside each task, task days are shown while you are enlarging or reducing tasks.


The new Gantt editor also includes critical path identification. Critical path computation can be turned on and off and is updated automatically with your tree changes.




We think that team communication is essential for task progress and for this reason we enhanced discussions’ strength giving new visibility to this feature.

Now is easier to create conversations and contribute. Users can initiate a new discussion on each task, so that will be easier for workgroups to discuss about specific task matters. Subscriptions and notifications keep your group up to date.


twproject mobile


Minor changes and a really nicer skin.


Minor features and bugs

  • Added paginator on bottom page lists
  • Added isPersonal and isUnavailable in agenda’s small editor
  • Added custom fields on resources
  • Fixed header and footer on worklog week
  • Main menu can now be opened in new tab
  • Redesigned Copy task feature for a more intuitive cloning procedure.
  • Fixed issue filter with duration>0
  • Fixed agenda search bug on private event
  • Fixed issue order on Kanban
  • Full search for Task: filter is now preserved
  • Fixed moving issue assignment bug
  • Fixed public page bug
  • Minor bugs fixed


Twproject Shop

Since Twproject 5.4 you have direct access to Twproject shop in order to easily increase you number of user licenses or update your license expiry date. The new license will be generated and sent to you within few minutes. If you are using our cloud solution, your environment will be automatically updated.

A brand new site for Twproject and guide

We are also very proud of our new Twproject website released last week. We worked really hard to make all information about our software features available to customers in a simple and intuitive manner.

Buying Twproject is now more simple and fast, licenses are sent to your email address immediately after purchase and Amazon dedicated Instance are instantiated automatically too, in a few minutes.

We completely redesigned our guide that is now a dedicated site to help all our acquired customers finding answers on their work management problem.

Twproject 5.3: drag & drop docs in the browser and more

We just released Twproject 5.3 (build 59500)
There are several new interesting features in the version.

Documents and files

We introduced drag and drop functionality for uploading files almost everywhere. You can upload your documents on your projects, issues, resources, remote storages in few seconds, even multiple files at once. Duplicated files are versioned for projects and resources. Continue reading “Twproject 5.3: drag & drop docs in the browser and more”

Teamwork 5.2: refining planning, costs and more customization flexibility

customizable worklog week

We just released Teamwork 5.2 (build 59000) here:

This release comprises a wide set of improvements, ranging from custom fields in several new sections to cost management, to improved planning integrations. We’ve also done several user interface improvements and bug fixes.

This is a free upgrade for all users of version 5. Database schema will be updated, it’s the first schema update since version 5.0: columns will be added for budget on assignments, and four custom fields on costs and worklogs; the schema update is done automatically by the application on first start after update (database user for the app must have alter schema rights).

Together with the web application update, we also released a wider spectrum of installers, better supporting 64-bit servers. Also the installation procedure has been improved, in particular for Oracle and PostgreSQL databases and Linux servers.

Major feature updates

more customizable parts

Custom fields expanded. Now custom fields can be created not only on tasks and issues, but also on assignments, worklogs and costs.

Moreover the types of possible custom fields have been extended, with fields based on internal and external database querying, and fixed values case. So now custom fields are so powerful that they even support external database querying for filling up values!

more customizable types

It is all documented in-place (where you add and define fields) in the web application, just access it through the admin page. N.B. This requires some “development awareness”.

assignment expenses

You can now add custom fields on costs and assignments, but one of the coolest features is adding custom fields on worklogs: say you want to make it possible at worklog insertion to insert additional info, e.g. location and “pair partner” (say that your quality policy requires work in pairs). Just define the two custom fields in the admin section, and you’ll get an expanded worklog insertion form in the worklog week page:

custom fields on worklog week

The new custom fields types are available also for tasks / issues.

Advanced: customize Excel exports, custom forms on worklog week.

Teamwork now allows enabling / disabling of powerful customized parts, in such a way that also customers with customized parts can update Teamwork without danger of losing any customization. There are several such features that can be enabled / disabled concerning planning and worklog insertion (see the user guide “Custom Features”).

split assignments

An example of such features that can be enabled is splitting assignments: any given assignment can now be split between resources. This allows for the following scenario: you can assign the task to “virtual” resources, filling up planned work for an entire group. When production starts, .

The custom fields language also allows customization of Excel exports through a scripting language; again this is a quite advanced feature, and see the user guide “Customize Excel exports”.

There are even more customizations possible, injecting entire forms on worklog week and creating custom permissions for specific portlets, but these are advanced topics which we can discuss if needed in the support pages.

more links from plan

More cross-linking. Costs, expenses, planning and load are teamwork functionalities that are interconnected. We added several cross links in order to make it easier to jump preserving references from one section to the other.

search on expenses
The assignment expenses screen is more reachable and now has also a specific search function. Moreover we added the “budget” field on the assignment that is computed against assignment expenses.

– Plan view shows estimated load and work done.

Japanese translation. We are very happy to announce that the user interface is now available also in Japanese.

Teamwork UI in Japanese

We will present Teamwork also in Japanese on the site.

admin as listAdministrator page redesigned. We redesigned the administration page as a list in a clearer form, with also the links to the new customizations entry points.

64-bit installers and more. We now release Teamwork also with 64-bit compatible installers.

Teamwork 64bit installers

Teamwork relies on Tomcat by default, of course if you have your own configuration, simply use 64bit Java to maximize performance.

Minor improvements

operator load zoom

– Operator load now can be zoomed in / out by 1, 2,3 weeks or full month

compact view for task and issues

– Task and issues have now a compact view option (issues already had it, but now it is even more compact).

– Change of person on assignment does now remove subscription on the previous one.

– External calendars on Teamwork agenda are now shown in a different style. Moreover agenda events that are created externally are not editable from teamwork – you can only remove yourself.

– Gantt improved: starts focused on today.

– Improved layout compatibility for task with very long names.

– Issues’ text area grows as you type longer text.

– Operator load in case of failed tasks does not consider them in load calculation for the future.

no disabled assignments on plan – Plan can be filtered showing only active assignments.

– “Plan by resource” can now be filtered by a workgroup!

– LDAP now updates names and surnames on repeated imports.

– Now team events imported from an external calendar (like Outlook) cannot be changed in time in Teamwork – as we always said, this must be done at the source of the group event.

– New subscription on assignment: “overtime”, when worklog exceeds estimated.

Bug fixes

– In case of e-mail download activation and invalid e-mail re-sent to server address, the invalid e-mail notification process could loop, stressing the e-mail server.

– The home menu is always visible even when not on home.

– Agenda editor: problems on chrome when scrolling hours combo.

– Portlet “issues created by me” issues not displayed correctly.

– Workload approval and worklog analysis: refined security on search.

– LDAP import exchanged names and surnames in import for OpenLDAP and Apache Directory.

– When changing assignee it didn’t update hourly cost if resource is new.

– Again possible to pass from “failed” to “active” task status.

– Some fixes on internationalization settings.

Teamwork 5.1: Project trees and more

We just released Teamwork 5.1 (build 57001) here:

Contains a new view, task trees, and a subtle but important extension in functionality for “staff” selection.

This is a free upgrade for all users of version 5. There are no changes in the database structure with respect to version 5.

Task trees

Teamwork tree

Teamwork project actions Thanks to user feedback and direct experience in bootcamps, we added a tree view of tasks which is simpler to read and allows basic data editing. It has limited functionality with respect to the Gantt editor but it can be practical in many cases.

Staff & department management

We revised both the inner logic and the user interface of the resource department / group / staff theme. The modeling problem that we’ve frequently met recently for Teamwork used in large organizations is complex cases of delegation handling.

Now if you are manager of a department you can assign all those in the department (inclusive of sub departments) as now they are on your staff – without setting area-global permissions.

This makes it easier to model delegation in structures where a certain kind of project managers create work for other departments, without overriding that department resources assignments.

It can be useful in cases where you have a planning department distinct from the set of project managers that handle resource’s assignments. So the planning manager can assign tasks to a project manager that has no global company rights, but manages her own staff, i.e. the entire department she’s heading.

We also improved the use interface by removing the “staff” checkbox which made you filter resources by staff, having your staff members always as first rows in bold in combos.

Little improvements

– Gantt editor is now in full screen (relative to the browser).

– Date change and status changed request for feedbacks are active only on tasks not just created.

– See in the resource assignment part all assignments on open tasks, also those out of date scope.

Bug fixes

– Mobile module: got “undefined” when saving agenda events.

– When creating a new document file / folder selection from file storage did not work.

– Made “my open issues” and “my open severe issues” predefined filters behave similarly in task selection.

– Gantt editor: task descriptions inserted from that page were not saved.

– Fixed default language pick at startup and on options.

Teamwork 5.0.2 patch 56000

Teamwork documentA little patch release, available here:

No database or “jar” (library) changes.




– A new parameter is available in task, issue and assignment custom fields: adding “required” at the end of the comma separated parameter value makes it a mandatory field.

– More robust upgrade procedure from Teamwork 4 to 5 on MySQL.

– Fixed a bug when uploading zip files, in some cases the files got copied to the Tomcat root for an indexing bug.

Teamwork 5.0.2 patch release

imageWe just released a patch for Teamwork 5.0 here:

Mainly small bug fixes, and some improvements in the jQuery Gantt editor.

No changes in the database structure.


Bugs fixed

– “When you click on an operator for Load Detail screen, it always goes to the top left corner which can be off the screen.”
– “The Custom filters on the Resource screen does not work and has strange behaviour. The filters should appear on the right hand panel and should not be doubled up. Also they bring incorrect results back when run.”
– “Plan view detail is going off the screen bordered area”

– Gantt editor: an ugly bug when using the editor with a western time-zone: GMT-n (e.g: USA, Canada, South America etc.).
– Gantt editor: an invalid message call when a circular reference was created that force js execution to stop
– Gantt editor: no detection for avoiding a parent depending on its descendant
– Gantt editor: if project loading fails for invalid/incomplete data, you loose the control of the  application
– Gantt editor: you can restrict parent changing duration even if not allowed by constraints: e.g.: a larger child


– Your personal to-dos are invisible to all others including administrators
– Gantt editor: dependencies now supports lags: you can specify a dependency in the form of “7:3″ that means the task will start after three days task “7″ is completed

– Gantt editor: better snap-to-grid moving tasks
– Gantt editor: better feedback if project loading fails

Teamwork 4.8 – Plan your issues

teamwork 4.8 new release issue organizer

With the new Teamwork version 4.8  a new tool for organizing your issues is released. In addition to the issue organizer which lets you change task, assignee, gravity and status simply dragging your issues in different columns, there is now also a new functionality, the issue planner, that helps you schedule issues in time. Here is a Issue Planner video demo:


This new page shows a week view in which your filtered issues are distributed according to their due date. Every issues can be moved between week days automatically changing the due date. By moving between rows you can also change the issue assignee.
Every cell shows that resource’ load for that day according to the assigned issues’ estimated duration.

Download this release here; there are no database schema changes from latest release.


  • Task description in flux was not copied in Teamwork task.
  • In the time-sheet –day web part worklog on different tasks in different assignments was not presented correctly
  • When moving worklog only an assignment was shown even if there were more than one saved.

Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25104)

In this minor release the bug that prevented users deleting Teamwork resources has been resolved.

It is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here:

Bug fixed:

– Bug that prevents user deleting resources

– Iframe portlet not displayed correctly

– Loading image on resource profile

Small improvement:

– Issue exported excel contains issue id (feature request)

Temwork release 4.7.25013

This is a minor release which includes some bug-fixes and some improvements.

It is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here:

The most important improvement in this release is in the Teamwork process management module.
Now, for instance, you can auto assign resource directly from the process definition file: you can find some xml examples in the application folder (TEAMWORK_ROOT/webapps/ROOT/applications/teamwork/processes).

More details about these improvements will be given in a dedicated blog post out soon.

This  release contains a bug fix on smart combo that doesn’t  show scrollbars in the drop down window.

It includes also an important bug-fix for all users of  Teamwork 4.7 on Oracle.

All the instruction to upgrade your Teamwork installation if you are using Oracle can be found on our forum here:

Feel free to post your feedback and problems:

Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25011)

A patch release for Teamwork 4.7 is available.

Thanks to user’s feedback we included an important fix to a bug that prevented Teamwork sending notification e-mails.
This is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here:

Teamwork 4.7 has been released with a major technological update including the latest stable release of Hibernate. This Hibernate release unfortunately includes a bug that prevents Teamwork to  work properly on PostgreSQL. The instructions to get your Teamwork working properly on PostgreSQL after installation are available from our forum here:

These operations are required for new installations and for upgrades on PostgreSQL.

Feel free to post your feedback and problems on our forum here:

Access Teamwork everywhere: get the mobile module

Teamwork Mobile and 4.7 release

This is an important release and update: Teamwork now has a custom made mobile module that allows to access it using mobile devices like iPhones, Android, Blackberries to read all your Teamwork data online and also to update some of its contents.

The mobile module is an additional module that can be purchased and activated any time – see all details below.

Moreover the core web app has been greatly updated: the 4.7 update is a free update as usual for all users of version 4. Please read the update instructions below.

Teamwork Mobile

Teamwork Mobile is a new interface designed for accessing Teamwork with mobile devices. It allows reading all Teamwork data and insertion/editing of issues, worklogs and events in the agenda.

You won’t need to install anything on your mobile: it is simply HTML5, which also facilitates updates. So if your users use different kinds of mobile devices, say some have iPhones, some Android devices and some Blackberries, all of them can use Teamwork mobile.

The mobile module can be used only if you have a running Teamwork instance updated to 4.7 – it is not a stand-alone application. And your Teamwork must be visible on the web, of course.

What you can do. Access all your Teamwork projects, issues, worklogs, events.  Add and close issues, record worklogs, add events. Read documents. And a nice last touch, you can access Teamwork’s file storages, so Teamwork is acting as a gateway for you mobile access to your intranet documents.


Where it works. Teamwork mobile works on the following devices: iPhone 3/4, iPad, and on updated Android and Blackberry (do test your device on the demo).

How to try it. Create a demo account at the usual demo installations:

Go to demo server


How to buy. The mobile module is not included in your Teamwork 4 license (but the update to 4.7 is), also not included in unlimited users licenses.

The mobile module has a fixed price, 990 Euro per server, 490 Euro if you are using yearly licenses. So you can buy it at a fixed price and use it with all the Teamwork accounts from your Teamwork installation. The mobile license module expires at the same date of your “main license” expiry – so if you have a non expiring license, it never expires.

You buy it here:

The license you will receive after purchase (usually within two working days at most) must substitute your existing Teamwork license.

All new demo licenses generated on Teamwork web site include the mobile module.

How to activate.  You have to update your Teamwork to 4.7 and buy the extended license. This done, you just have to point your mobile browser to [YOUR TEAMWORK URL]/mobile. So for example if your Teamwork is at

you will need to go to

with your device’ browser.

Teamwork 4.7

This free update contains several major improvements.

Multiple incoming e-mail automatic testing


This feature considerably expands the management possibilities for anyone handling helpdesk like situations. You can now have multiple “background jobs” running in Teamwork that check several e-mail accounts (say, one per main project) and create issues for incoming e-mails.

In the user guide at 5.4.2 Adding issues to tasks XXX this feature is documented in detail.

Updating and refusing appointments

Handling of sync of the agenda through iCal sent via e-mail has been improved:

– If you create an appointment / meeting in Teamwork, those who have activated sync with their e-mail client can now refuse. If they refuse, the creator of the appointment will be notified, both via e-mail and by Teamwork sticky note.

– We also support sending from the client proposals with a new schedule, again the creator of the appointment will be notified, both via e-mail and by Teamwork sticky note (the appointment will remain

– Moreover we made it compatible with refusals also from Google mail /calendar, which uses a completely different format.

Kanban / Organizer view


Now you can add issues directly from the Kanban / organizer view.

Project diary HTML support

The project diary entries now support HTML contents and formatting.

Faster dynamic lookup combos

All dynamic lookup combos e.g. the one for selecting resources when creating assignments respond way faster.

Minor features


– The workflow management part can now be disabled, simplifying the interface.

– Project processes can now be cloned.

– Email password fields as passwords in settings.

– For Pop3 configuration you can set a port on settings.

– Worklog analysis now can filter also by issue.

– Load computation considers the plan for Saturday and Sunday if present.

– Events found from event search can be bulk deleted.

– Plan calculation revised according to “Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to sum the planned hours over the whole task duration and then remove them from the estimated worklog in order to properly calculate the load” – see

– On mobile you can add resources via vCard.

– When using LDAP, create user on login, and mixed mode auth ON, login name is disabled on resource editor.


– While creating assignment: once selected a resource (even not saved yet) added a link to operator load.

– Issue list: if task name is big the text for issues is small… –> Fixed.

– Add to options in public task page: remove spam protection (e.g. case of intranet).


– There is a new web part: panic board, to follow closely the progress of a single project.

– There is a task filter in the web part “create issues”.

– Copy task: added property “copy cost” in addition to “copy additional costs”.

Updated the technology

This update also contains a major technological update under the hood. This means for example more compatibility with Microsoft Project © imports, that Teamwork is compatible also with the new Apache Tomcat 7 and more. Also the database resources used by Teamwork have been considerably lowered.

Bug fixes

– In some cases cloning a task did reset on dates.

– Task description is taken from flux definition when defined. (As requested: )

– When creating the event for task expired it creates a wrong path to the task.

– Fixed dynamic combos for IE9.

– Twitter integration libraries updated.

– “By updating to the current teamwork version we just experienced that “”t:”” in the searchbar isn’t working anymore the same way as before… In the past t: searched also in the (code/short name) of a task – now it is only doing it in the (name/description/notes) field?” –> Fixed.

– Issue editor: pm with only operational could not assign a new resource (not already on the task) –> now he/she can.

– Assignee combo in project list: if resource has no name but only surname it can’t find it –> fixed.

– Print pages sometimes print the print menu –> Fixed.

IMPORTANT FOR UPDATING: Remove all Jars from Teamwork’s WEB-INF/lb directory before the update, as most of them have been updated. To empty the “lib” directory you will need to stop Teamwork. So proceed as follows:

1. do complete backups as documented here:

2. stop Teamwork

3. empty the […]WEB-INF/lib directory

4. do the update

5. verify that the  […]WEB-INF/lib contains the 83 Jars of the update

6. start teamwork

The update procedure will also update your web.xml file. And finally, if you installing on Oracle, be careful of using the same schema name of the user and writing all in upper case Open-mouthed smile .

Teamwork 4.5 patch release (4.5.17900)

As always after a major upgrade, thanks to your detailed feedback we can already do a patch release with a few bug fixes. This is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here:

Bug fixes:

– IMPORTANT BUG FIX FOR ORACLE INSTALLATIONS: Release 4.5.17800 had a schema name bug which made it impossible to install it on Oracle – a problem in our Oracle test due to an existing table made us fail to detect the problem. This release works fine on Oracle.

– issue editor is now compatible also with lower screen resolutions

– issue statuses can now de deleted

– the “worklog day” portlet now saves also descriptions