Twproject October Roundup

Two months has passed since we released the all new Twproject 6 and reactions went beyond our expectations. All our customers have really appreciated the new interface, migrating happily to a total new project management experience.  Our followers feedback has been impressive as well, all of you were so kind with us and we are happy you all love the work we have done as we do.

I’ve now upgraded to version 6, and everything looks great. Beautiful! It’s just what I hoped you would do. I think you’ve just made us a very happy and loyal customer!
Geir Thomas Andersen

Great, I tried Twproject 6, we can do everything with it!
Davide Miccone

Congratulations because of the new version ? it’s fantastic.

New Twproject 6 works like a charm!
Rene Knuvers

These are just few of all the messages we received and again we want to thank all of you, is for moments like these that we work so hard 🙂

Of course our progress does not end here, we will continue to improve our project management system nonstop , so here we come with the first Twproject 6 minor release that contains some bug fixes and some new features.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug on web part search
  • Add issue gives error if not in issues section
  • Assignment expenses did not save anymore
  • Gantt fixed behavior of highlight and arrows
  • Gantt fixed behavior on dependencies dates
  • Gantt problem saving resources
  • Bug on worklog print
  • Issue created from Gantt out of project scope were not saved with no feedback



  • Google Calendar import: now the default calendar is always visible from your Twproject agenda and you can add another from the import box
  • New custom feature that can be enabled to see Issue Impact in issue list, also sortable


You can download the new version here:

Twproject 6 October 2015 release

It is a free upgrade to all customers of version 6, no schema update required – but do backup anyway.

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Twproject 5.6 released

Keep your timesheets under control, task and issues on agenda, identify your customer’s projects

Here again: a new free release for our customers (version 5.6.59800) rich of interesting features. Download your update or a free trial here.

Twproject timesheets:

In this release we have introduced a new powerful tool for keeping under control the timesheets of your team.



In a single fast page you will see discrepancy from expected working hours and time recorded. Unavailability and holidays are taken into account and shown as well. Moreover a new schedulable job will send reminder by e-mail for timesheet completion.

Twproject agenda:

Thanks to our customers suggestions we have added a new great feature on the agenda so that it now shows issues and task start/end.


Every user can see his own issues/tasks, or, by selecting a workgroup, the issues/tasks where the team is involved in. Links will bring you to the right view.

Worklog analysis:

Twproject refined security model allowed to define the “customer” of a project by assigning it with a specific role. We have reinforced this concept by allowing to define the default role used to identify it.

The immediate benefit of this change is for instance on the “worklog analysis” page, where you are able to search for time spent for a specific customer, eventually cross-project.



A dedicated option on the admin page will allow to set the default name for the “Customer” role, as it is for “Project manager” and “Worker” .


Project public page:

Task public page has been enhanced, it can now show the project Gantt in read only modality:


Minor improvement and bug fixes:

Several minor improvement have been implemented:

  • milestones are now visible on “my projects” widget
  • same scale in task statistics for issues and time spent
  • worklog analysis now allows to search on task tree structure, also searching with QBE
  • when you clone a task you can now decide to copy custom fields too
  • worklog by task report layout improved


Some bugs has been fixed:

  • Outlook issues on time zones
  • LDAP creates user on login check
  • process instantiation error in case of missing roles
  • burndown graph link visible again
  • scheduled job editor shows delete preview box when editing