Twproject 5.3: drag & drop docs in the browser and more

We just released Twproject 5.3 (build 59500)
There are several new interesting features in the version.

Documents and files

We introduced drag and drop functionality for uploading files almost everywhere. You can upload your documents on your projects, issues, resources, remote storages in few seconds, even multiple files at once. Duplicated files are versioned for projects and resources.

image   image



Attachments and documents are now much more easy to use and so they get a new value in Twproject.


Comments has been added on issues. Team members can now add their own comment, that will integrate the issue log:


Comments will also be visible on print page:


The issue editor has been slightly redesigned; task and gravity are now more accessible.


Issue’s attachment files can now be removed directly from the compact editor.

The Kanban and issue organizer has been modified to auto expand issues content in order to show it completely; this helps to work better with those flexible tools:


Smart URLs

Twproject now supports smart urls like:

Tasks:  [yourserver]/t/[mytaskcode] or [yourserver]/task/[mytaskcode]

So if your server is called “Twproject”, you can get a task of code “PROD66” with the URL:


in the same way, this syntax has been enabled for issues, resources, events, meeting and boards:

Issues: [yourserver]/i/[myIssueCode] or [yourserver]/issue/[myIssueCode]
Resources: [yourserver]/r/[myResourceCode] or [yourserver]/resource/[myResourceCode]
Agenda events: [yourserver]/e/[myEventCode] or [yourserver]/event/[myEventCode]
Meetings: [yourserver]/m/[myMeetingCode] or [yourserver]/meeting/[myMeetingCode]
Boards: [yourserver]/b/[myBoardCode] or [yourserver]/board/[myBoardCode]

Other improvements:

  • Gantt print is now supported
  • Users can change the order on task list page using a combo
  • In case of assignment to a “company”, the notification message is sent to company’s manager
  • Print assignment page has been enriched
  • Admins can now see resources from every security area
  • Admins can now remove portlets from portlet list even if used on pages.
  • From search filed: searching for “b:cofee” will look in board message too
  • Boolean custom field on search correctly supported
  • Assignment order is now consistent in different Twproject pages
  • Twproject can now manage additional persistent classes injected at startup (useful for integration with other systems)
  • Issue related notifications has been extended
  • Security: last logged time visible on user settings:
  • Security: invalid login attempt are now logged
  • Logging: user who caused an error is now visible on log file

And as usual :

Bug fixed:

  • When moving issues from one task to another, issue counter is not updated
  • Resource export excel forks now correctly
  • Expense: fix for saving through slow connections
  • Holidays remain in “saving” state
  • Several security fixes for unprivileged read.
  • Search tasks from menu do not search correctly in code/description
  • User pictures set on first login page do not override existing pictures already inserted
  • User picture max size extended to 400k
  • Infinite loop on searching for “q:xxx”
  • Agenda and IMIP server email convention solved
  • Subscription are now removed in case of removing user assignments
  • Some IE9 UI fixes
  • Apex on task names not supported on task tree page
  • Task cost editor fixed in case of empty costs
  • Long task name/issues UI fixed
  • Task excel export fixed
  • Administrators can now manage correctly agenda events where they are invited to
  • Workgroup composer fix in case of no-search
  • Logging level “INFO” fix
  • IE10 task status fix: sparkline upgraded to latest version
  • Fix on saving plan
  • IE8 operator load view fix.

Author: Twproject staff

Twproject is built by a small, solid and very efficient company. Its developers are ready to give support on the solution. Follow us for news, tips and updates.