Teamwork 4.8 – Plan your issues

teamwork 4.8 new release issue organizer

With the new Teamwork version 4.8  a new tool for organizing your issues is released. In addition to the issue organizer which lets you change task, assignee, gravity and status simply dragging your issues in different columns, there is now also a new functionality, the issue planner, that helps you schedule issues in time. Here is a Issue Planner video demo:


This new page shows a week view in which your filtered issues are distributed according to their due date. Every issues can be moved between week days automatically changing the due date. By moving between rows you can also change the issue assignee.
Every cell shows that resource’ load for that day according to the assigned issues’ estimated duration.

Download this release here; there are no database schema changes from latest release.


  • Task description in flux was not copied in Teamwork task.
  • In the time-sheet –day web part worklog on different tasks in different assignments was not presented correctly
  • When moving worklog only an assignment was shown even if there were more than one saved.

Author: Twproject staff

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  1. It’s possible to have a changelog of this version? Just to know what has been changed since the last version?

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