Teamwork 5.0.2 patch release

imageWe just released a patch for Teamwork 5.0 here:

Mainly small bug fixes, and some improvements in the jQuery Gantt editor.

No changes in the database structure.


Bugs fixed

– “When you click on an operator for Load Detail screen, it always goes to the top left corner which can be off the screen.”
– “The Custom filters on the Resource screen does not work and has strange behaviour. The filters should appear on the right hand panel and should not be doubled up. Also they bring incorrect results back when run.”
– “Plan view detail is going off the screen bordered area”

– Gantt editor: an ugly bug when using the editor with a western time-zone: GMT-n (e.g: USA, Canada, South America etc.).
– Gantt editor: an invalid message call when a circular reference was created that force js execution to stop
– Gantt editor: no detection for avoiding a parent depending on its descendant
– Gantt editor: if project loading fails for invalid/incomplete data, you loose the control of the  application
– Gantt editor: you can restrict parent changing duration even if not allowed by constraints: e.g.: a larger child


– Your personal to-dos are invisible to all others including administrators
– Gantt editor: dependencies now supports lags: you can specify a dependency in the form of “7:3″ that means the task will start after three days task “7″ is completed

– Gantt editor: better snap-to-grid moving tasks
– Gantt editor: better feedback if project loading fails

Author: Twproject staff

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