Twproject: the power of an in-house solution

Complete control. This is the answer to the question that often comes back talking about Twproject: why, being used to online products, why our customers still prefer a software to be installed in-house?

As we said, the answer is simple: you need to have complete control over your data.

Even if there are many simple online project management services, it is a fact that we are dealing with data at the heart of your company’s production activity.

This data is generally more than simple to-do lists and time tacking reports: this data is connected with the whole productive process.

Let’s see a typical project life-cycle:

  • A project can be the result of a commercial activity or customer management (CRM).
  • Projects need to be managed and planned according to company’s productive processes (ERP).
  • Project costs result from resources, investments and external cost, and are overlapped with accounting software data.
  • Over that, many projects require after-sales support (help desk, issue tracking, etc.).

My data, my key to growth

We collects all data from the actual management of the project, and creates a database from which all the other company’s applications retrieve essential data for an organized and healthy company’s growth.

The power of Twproject is its extremely easy to use user interface that will help you adopting the software and collecting consistent project data.

Having this data available and easily accessible with commonly used tools for reporting, monitoring and synchronization will greatly increase benefits. What you accrue is not only what you see from the user interface. This way project data can be used and analyzed with any of your preferred tools.

Control, security, connectivity…

Having an in house project management solution will give you complete control over your data allowing easy integration with your infrastructure, and having Twproject in house will give you far more than that. Being in your network, under your privacy policies, your data will be always safe on your server instead of being hosted on some shared servers somewhere in the world.

It will be possible to integrate it with your LDAP or Active Directory, you can set every strict polices, it is up to your decision.

Control, security, connectivity, this is what you have with a Twproject in house installation.

Hey, but you have also a cloud service!

Although, of course, we also offer cloud-based solutions, our choice is always to have dedicated machines and databases; one for each customer.

This approach gives you the security that your data is not on a shared database  (so for instance you can ask for a backup of your entire database in any moment), and give you restricted and controlled access to your data. Of course we take care that your Twproject will be backed-up, updated and monitored continuously.

Twproject is smart, simple, full featured, easy to use, it has the flexibility of an online service and at the same time gives you complete control over your data. It sounds good right?

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Usability of a product and flexibility of a custom solution? Enter JasperReports!

Starting with version 5.5, Twproject acquires a new powerful report capability, integrating JasperReports engine.

Two main requirements for project management tools are high usability and flexibility. The former in order to win users over the tool, the latter for the data analysis side. Twproject is a finished product, constantly refined with usability in mind, but it has the unique feature of also being open for independent data querying and reporting. Continue reading “Usability of a product and flexibility of a custom solution? Enter JasperReports!”

Lighter, faster Teamwork (release 4.4.16000)

lambda probe This release (4.4.16000) includes fixes and refinements on memory usage that make Teamwork lighter and faster – thanks to the great  Lambda Probe tool for help (we are not associated with them). Both absolute memory usage and memory usage by logged user has been significantly reduced.

A few features included: custom pages can be disabled, possibility to speed up the “my assignments” web part.

The release includes also some bugfixes:

– fix in task list search when you search for code and name
– better logging for scheduler exceptions
– faster task print list
– fixed a rare key incompatibility with certain versions of MySQL
– custom pages can be disabled
– safer schema update procedure

You can download this release here. It is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. This release does not include database schema changes.

Teamwork release 4.3 available for download

Teamwork 4.3 multi-Gantt view.
Teamwork 4.3 multi-Gantt view.

A free upgrade release for all users of version 4.0-4.2, this release includes some major extensions of functionality; while there is no “revolution”, this kind of release makes your “Teamwork life” more comfortable. Several features requests from the feedback service have been fulfilled. Also the user guide has been updated.

Download this release here.

Multi-Gantt support

This was motivated by this request: “Manage graphical Gantt-type overview of all projects”. We then realized that all it needed was the filtering power of projects search together with a Gantt style visualization. So this is what we’ve done: we added an additioanl visualization of the search results. So for example you can see all your root open project closing in 2 weeks in a Gantt style view.

Also all the Gantt scales have been extended to 5 years.

Import from CSV – Bugzilla

Import of issues and resources from CSV files: issues get imported from the Bugzilla CSV export format, but of course in this way you can import from anything.

Collapsible project trees

Projects trees can be collapsed and there are options to keep them open by default etc. . This was this request; thanks to Halil for the first implementation.

More Twitter integrations

Twitter integration with any action and there is a new portlet for filtering tweets on any topic: see the user guide, section 8.3.3.

Little improvements

– All notifications have in the subject the task they refer to, if it exists (this request).
– Display log on descendants (this request).
– Balloons have no more the confusing Roman number.
– Use  darker gray on Gantt duration background – better prints.
– Search analysis worklog: make the field “action” larger.
– In resource list there is no more the bothering default filter by company.
– Snapshot of a task can be edited.
– Search analysis worklog: make the column “action” larger.
– Issue multi editor: if there is a task on the issue and you have an assignment on it, let the watch icon appear even if the issue is not assigned to you.
– Experimental: supporting SSL over LDAP (LDAPS)

Bug fixes

– Issues didn’t get indexed any more for full text search.
– Order in company news doesn’t work.
– Portlet news doesn’t show news ordered by order factor.
– Resource hourly cost sometimes gets set to zero.
– Meeting: drag&drop multi editor doesn’t work for the just inserted.
– The link to resource drawn by the smart combo if the resource is from another area on which you have no right you see the link but you get an error.
– Search of a string containing ” in issues looped the application.
– Sometimes the rollover menu opened in the wrong direction.
– If you change the allowed file storage roots, disable links to old locations.

Technical notes for upgrade

This release build is 11250; it contains no database schema changes for all users of 4.2.10080 and following. As it contains an issue full-text indexing fix, you should reindex your data: see 17.4 of the user guide.

try darker gray on gantt duration background

Teamwork release 4.2.10250


The main features of this release are:

–    iPhone calendar synchronization: this is first presented in this blog post, and also documented in the user guide

–    Active task filter on the task tree: this had many votes on the feedback service, so… we did it.

Download this release here; there are no schema changes from latest release. Technical note: the web.xml of the application will be updated.





–    Added an “export to Excel” functionality to the resource list
–    Task’ copy process remembers your options
–    No users found in LDAP: put link to import in the alert
–    Do not filter resources as your own by default

Bugs fixed

–    Fixed a subtle bug in the filter for this week “timesheet” (worklog week)
–    Moving of tasks worked correctly but ended up in an empty editor
–    Fixed a bug in importing users in LDAP from non Active Directory servers
–    Meeting print not updated with duration: start and end still there!!!!
–    You cannot select a file in the file storage which has an apex in the name
–    Timesheet-> Worklog analysis: if you insert a tag and you search an error occurred
–    Why in agendainIcal all spaces in the description are removed?
–    Workgroup popup agenda: cannot remove stored filter
–    Bug on IE on administration page appear a white container!!!!
–    Fixes for ULM skin in issue editor

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Third party integrations speeding up

Teamwork in Polish.
Teamwork in Polish.

There is a increasing trend in getting more and more contributions from third parties to Teamwork – which is great news for us! Just received a Polish translations, will soon release a Teamwork plug-in for Thunderbird, and there are at least two software houses that will use Teamwork as a module in a more extended application suite. We are building a dedicated section on the web site for contributors, you can get previews on Pietro’s twitter stream here 🙂