Teamwork relational structure

image Following some user requests, we’ve put together a first documentation of Teamwork’s relational structure, that will be a part of next release of Teamwork user guide. Here is the PDF. Hope it helps!

P.S. Published an update expansion on July 19 (2010).

3 responses to “Teamwork relational structure”

  1. JH says:

    Is it correct that there is no relationship between Role and Resource ?
    One would expect a Resource to play some Roles in a Team / Company / Organisation.
    (and of course, most Roles – not the CEO – could be played by more then one Resource)

    • Depends what you mean: resources are normally related to roles through assignments: an assignment connects a resource, a role and a task. There are also “global roles” (relative to an area) that are directly on resources – but these are rarely used. For more details check the user guide which should explain all this in detail.

  2. ASndre says:


    It will be very useful!