Integrating Teamwork calendar with the iPhone

iphoneIn theory, being Teamwork integrated with the iCal format, it has always been possible to sync it with the iPhone, just like with Outlook and Google calendars. But as often happens, things turn out to be more complex, in particular if one wants to get a not only working, but also a comfortable solution. So we added generation of “.ics” urls, and now on the beta of the forthcoming (next week) release, our internal iPhone fanatics have syched calendars with our internal Teamwork application, which of course is also exposed on the web, so that one can sync both on wireless intranet access and on the web.

So check out next week release, it will be a free upgrade as usual for all Teamwork 4 users; the online users will get it without any kind of effort 🙂

Thanks to Federico Soldani, a new Teamwork employee, and some of our customers, for pushing for such integration.

Setting up a Teamwork calendar in an iPhone
Setting up a Teamwork calendar in an iPhone
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Author: Twproject staff

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4 thoughts on “Integrating Teamwork calendar with the iPhone”

  1. Hello again,

    actually it’s in the user guide 9.3.3 iPhone calendar
    Simply go to the agenda, click on other calendars, then click on the litte mail image in the pop-up window.
    This will send the link to your mail adresse.

    On the iPhone activate the VPN connection, then go to mail and click on the link.
    A window will open up after a few minutes, OK,OK, done!

    When you’ve received the mail, make sure that you activate the VPN connection when TYW is secured on the iPhone and only then click on the link.

    You can now make appointments and when you invite it will be shown on TW.

    Many thanks for this grate update.


  2. Hello,

    using TW Version 4.2 (build 10250), where can I find “.ics” urls so that I can display the TW calendar in the iPhone?
    Where can I find the manuel to do it, juste as discriped in the image above?


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