Twproject 6: This is why they already love it!

Twproject 6 success left us completely speechless, we have immediately understood that you were loving our project management software as much as we do and this makes us so happy! Ok, we have to be honest, we were so excited about your feedback that we did a little bit of investigating and we interviewed 3 of our customers to hear what they have to say about this new release: Rene Knuvers of Lucros Railway Engineering, Geir Thomas Andersen of Runbox, William Kendall of Acme and Patrick Guera of Arge Zeit Media, and here are their answers:


Why did you choose Twproject for your projects?

  • Rene: When we started our business end 2008 we looked for a software tool to manage both our hours spent per project as well as a simple to use planning tool. Since we were a startup we didn’t want to spend too much money initially. We intended to evaluate for some time and then settle for a definitive solution. We found TWProject suitable for our needs and were happy with the rapid and useful responses we got on our initial questions.
  • Geir: We started using Twproject because we needed to organize our projects and tasks in a system that would display them on a timeline in a user friendly interface. After considering 10-15 other systems we found Twproject to easily be the best one. The Gantt views and the customizable interface made it a winner.
  • William: We started using Twproject after a very long selection, we needed a software for tracking our projects progress in time, we needed in particular a software that would help us tracking time in a friendly way. Twproject convinced us because we can report time in many different ways, it depends on the phase of project, sometimes throw issues, sometimes with counters…and that was the key feature for us.
  • Patrick: Originally we used Twproject for getting a better overview about our projects. Today we are also using it for time tracking and tracking internal and external costs. Also we added some Systeminterface for Import/Export Information to our invoicing systems.


Which part of Twproject help you the most?

  • Rene: The timesheets and worklog analysis are the real center of our work in TWProject. Every hour that could be invoiced is accounted for in this piece of the software. Furthermore it helps us manage the different purchase orders we get from our customers and project codes they use for allocating the budget to the correct project. The way tasks and assignments work, is flexible enough to manage this.
  • Geir: The Portfolio/Gantt diagrams help us organizing our projects in a very intuitive and friendly way.
  • William: We work in particular with to-dos, so the issues sections is the most important for us, we manage our projects creating to-do lists associated to them and we use the organizer and the Kanban for prioritizing and scheduling, the report action on every to-do close action saved our lives!
  • Patrick: Time tracking system, Project overview, Cost tracking system


Would you recommend Twproject to others?

  • Rene: Certainly, we did and do this all the time. Both by talking about it, and by giving access to the public project pages to our customers project managers. They can keep an eye on our budget that way, and get a  good feel on what the software does best.
  • Geir: Yes. of course!
  • William: Yes, we love Twproject and its team even more, they helped us with the setup and they answered to our usage questions always within few minutes.
  • Patrick: Definitly – sometimes we would like if it could have many functionalities for as well ,-)


Convinced? Try Twproject right now!

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Author: Twproject staff

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