6 Project Management Blogs You Need to Follow

OK you know it, the community of Project management is full of great bloggers, podcasters and experts but there are some of them that you really cannot miss.
This list of course includes some gurus, some of the blogs that are known by all of us, but it includes also those we have always read since we started, our “personal” gurus. These people give us a lot of ideas for our project management software inspiring us every day.
Some of them are focused on increasing your productivity day by day, some are focused on project management methodologies, but all of them worth your time.


A Girl Guide to Project Management www.girlsguidetopm.com
This blog is managed by Elizabeth Harrin offering not only opinions and suggestions about project management but also tool reviews, free eBooks for managing your projects and much more. This is an incredible resource for all project managers.


Ricardo Vargas Blog www.ricardo-vargas.com
Here we go a little bit in depth. Ricardo Vargas is a Guru of Project management and in his blog you will find not only posts but also videos, podcasts, presentations. He is a specialist, he is the author of fourteen books of project management which have sold over 300,000 copies throughout the world.


The Lazy Project Manager www.thelazyprojectmanager.com
This is actually a podcast by Peter Taylor and let me say it: an amazing podcast. He is also a blogger and a Project management speaker. His mantra

“work smarter and not harder”

is one of our favourites 🙂


Project-Management.com Blog project-management.com
Written by a group of project managers giving tons of advice about project management. This is a website dedicated to providing useful tools, latest news, and best practice references for every project professional and business organization.


Twproject Blog twproject.com/blog
Written by the team of Twproject software they answer constantly to their customers management problem in the form of blog post. What is better than real life management problem answered?


PM Tips pmtips.net
This is more than a simple blog, here you have a collection of tips guiding you through the hard life of a pm, a very hard life  🙂 and if you think you have something to say too, you can even became a contributor. We love this because it deals with real problem of real pm life.


Herding Cats herdingcats.typepad.com
And here we came with another guru: Glen B. Alleman , we follow him since our beginning, his blog is focused on increasing the probability to having success with your activity. If you’re seriously interested in a scientific approach to managing projects, you can’t miss this blog.

Here is the list of project management blogs that you seriously have to follow.
If you have your gurus and you want to share them with us write us on Twitter or Facebook, we are on Google+ too!

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