Twproject 6.1.61003: A brand new way of inserting worklog

Improving Twproject is also about making changes, after a long period of study on our customers experience and feedback. Every time we release a new feature we listen about your suggestions and impressions but we also monitor with several kind of testing tool the user experience and the learning period. Our time sheet page has remained unchanged for a long period but we have had the impression that, at an early stage it was really hard to use and understand.

For this reason, we decided to change it a bit, introducing the editor that we have already used for the  issue page and dashboards. Now, inserting, saving is much easier. At a glance it could seems more complex but, during its testing period it had an extremely good response in usability.


Of course, even in this case, we are open to feedback and impressions. We are aware that users already used to it will find this change a little bit demanding, but we strongly believe that now, it is more understandable and usable.

Another important page added to this release is the one dedicated to roles, for checking and changing them even restoring default.

In the previous release we changed the worklog and resource management permissions, and this change could have affected your roles.

With this new page, that you can navigate here:


you will e able to check if your roles, involving the ones mentioned, contain all permissions you set at the beginning, with the possibility to fix them and in case you want, restore defaults.


This is a free upgrade to all users of Twproject version 6. All fix and improvements are listed here.

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Author: Twproject staff

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