3 Project Management Templates – Free Download

The series of post we recently  created sharing project templates has been highly appreciated by all our readers, so we thought to share some new templates that can be of great help in the first adoption/testing phase.

Production Project Template

The first one is related to a sample production project: this project starts with customer requirements, that are the starting point for prototyping. Then, after the customer approval we proceed with the first production that is then tested and controlled, ready for the final release. The projects is almost consequential, so tasks have dependencies with each other.

Of course, this is just an example, something that you can use to start writing your own production project structure, with all your peculiarity. Twproject includes a very friendly yet powerful Gantt tool that can help you creating your project structure easily, even very complex one.

Once you import the project, you can add several other phases, you can change tasks duration, dependencies, also with lags. The chart will be adjusted automatically reflecting all your changes.


Click to download the production template

Scrum Project Template

The second example is relative to a typical scrum project. In this case I’ve added also a list of issues/activities that are all collected and prioritized in the backlog task and that are then re-scheduled in consecutive sprints (the list of activities are not included in the export).

The example contains just 2 sprints but of course you can add as many as you want, a sprint can be a template as well so you can create a new one with a click.


Click to download the Scrum template

Software Development Project Template

The last template is the one we proposed in our last post, in case you missed it, here it is:


This post shows also how to import this Json file and how you can use them as templates.

Twproject has a very powerful functionality for importing and exporting tasks, using them as templates saving time and energy. If you want to try Twproject just click here!

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