Project Managers and Public Tenders: key tools

public tenders project management

The project manager in public tenders is central in ensuring that projects are managed with the right tools.

In this article, we will examine how project management applies to public tenders and which key tools should be used.

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Project Management in public tenders

Public tenders refer to the procurement of works, supplies, and services by public administrations at the national or community level.

Just as in any other company-level project, the five typical phases of project management can also be applied in the public domain: initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure.

More specifically:

    • Initiation: this stage is the scheduling According to Legislative Decree 36/2023 (Public Procurement Code) in Italy, there is currently a two-year schedule for procuring goods and services based on needs.
    • Planning: in the public field, it means understanding the auction base, the tender domain, the technical level, etc., and
    • Execution: that is, the contracting of the service.
    • Control: regarding all economic operators. Should the result be negative, the assignment will be revoked.
    • Closure: usually coincides with reporting, which, in the case of public tenders, also involves a bureaucratic closure to wrap up activities formally.

Project management, thematic groups, and public tenders

Besides the project management stages, we find other similarities between project management within private companies and public tenders. For example, the scope can be compared to tender requirements and the main and secondary services framework within a tender.

Stakeholders, in this case, are public administrations and other bodies with their respective needs and demands.

The timing issue in public tenders can sometimes be much more inflexible than in the private domain. In particular, the assignment must occur within six months after the call for tenders, while the subsequent conclusion of the contract must be formalized within two months.

Also, there is little room for error when it comes to costs in the public domain.

In a public tender, costs and quality levels are clearly detailed in the tender, and if not met, penalties can be imposed.

Sometimes, the tender notice can specify in detail the human resources that can be used for work in the public field.

Another subject, that of risks, mainly concerns disputes.

In this case, a typical situation is potential claims by operators who have not been selected for the job, which could lead to a slowdown of the project.

And lastly, communication. Regarding public tenders, it is crucial to fulfill transparency and anti-corruption obligations.

That is why all communications concerning the tender must be made public and accessible to everyone.

The R.U.P.’s role in public tenders

According to the ANAC guidelines, the RUPResponsabile Unico del Procedimento – must possess adequate training in project management.

The R.U.P. holds a pivotal role in project management and supervision.

According to the new procurement code, the RUP must have a minimum of five years of professional experience in the subject area of the work to be contracted and hold a master’s or specialist degree in that subject area.

The RUP must ensure that the planning, design, assignment, and execution of public contracts comply with the applicable regulations and adhere to the principles of legality, transparency, and efficiency.

The tasks of the RUP are diverse, including:

  • Supervise the planning, design, contracting, and execution phases of the operation.
  • Ensure that the project is carried out following ANAC guidelines.
  • Ensure the contracting authority complies with the procedures for contracting particularly complex works.

According to the ANAC guidelines, the RUP must possess suitable project manager skills gained also through successful project management training. This training is vital to ensure the RUP can best manage particularly complex works entrusted by contracting authorities.

The RUP must also have at least three years’ professional experience in the subject field of the work to be entrusted or complete training courses in project management.

The assistance of project management software in public tenders

In addition to having the knowledge and skills to manage complex tasks within a project, the project manager must also be equipped with the best tools for managing work.

That’s why project management software such as Twproject can be a great support, even for public tenders.

Specifically, project managers in the public domain face a complex and highly regulated environment that requires absolute accuracy and complete traceability.

Twproject is designed to streamline and optimize every stage of the project management process, whether public or private.

project management

Here’s what this project management tool can ensure:

  • It is essential to plan activities with precision in public tenders, often meeting non-negotiable deadlines. Twproject allows you to create extensive plans and visual timelines that clearly define your project phases and their progress in real-time.
  • Documentation in the public sphere must be accurate, clear, thorough, and easily accessible. Twproject provides a one-stop hub to collect and manage all documents efficiently.
  • Public projects usually involve many stakeholders and are complex to manage. Therefore, multidisciplinary collaboration is essential. Twproject allows managing working groups and communication in one channel, thus avoiding losing valuable information.
  • Public tenders are complex and entail a higher level of risk. A tool such as Twproject helps predict potential bottlenecks and take timely action through informed decisions.
  • As we saw earlier, fulfilling transparency obligations and ensuring that projects follow applicable regulations and laws are crucial when it comes to public tenders. Twproject facilitates traceability and reporting, which are essential for passing inspections and audits.
  • Data analysis is crucial in every project. Twproject can transform large volumes of data into understandable, user-friendly, and customizable reports.

Hence, adequate project management software becomes a central tool in public tenders.

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