New In Twproject: Conditional Custom Fields

Twproject is flexible, you know that right? It lets you create your own reports, forms, dashboard and from its very beginning it allows user to add custom fields on all main entities. During the years this great functionality has been improved, adding custom fields on every object, tasks, resources, worklogs, costs, issues. Now we give you even more. Custom fields can be now visible only on objects matching one or more characteristics that you specify while creating the new field. Great, isn’t it?

Now you can say Twproject to show a custom fields only in particular cases, let’s see an example of these conditional custom fields:

Below you see the syntax for adding a new field on the task editor: I’ve added a custom field asking for an external code that refers to my invoice system, I say to Twproject to show this field only on tasks of type “Course”.


Invoice id, 10, {visibleIf:'"Course".equals(obj.type.description)'}

The first part represent the name, the second the length of the field and the third one the condition.
And here it is:


This new great feature is available since Twproject 6.0.60015.  Custom Fields can be added on tasks, issues, resources, assignments, worklogs, expenses. budget and costs. For navigating the object’s reference and find how to write your condition you can just read here:

Read Twproject’s Object Reference and find how to write your condition.

Let’s check this new feature.

Author: Twproject staff

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