Sharing is Caring – Dynamic Teams Collaboration

Speaking about project management we have a unique advantage here at Twproject, because we keep updated with the literature on this specialized topic but also because of our daily practice in the field with real people that currently manages large and small projects.

We provide consultancy and advice – but also learn from our customers every day! And all this ends up in our software evolution.

These days, companies has to face an ever growing need for dynamic teams, shared groups of people working together through the internet. This need increases hand by hand with the difficulty of managing team dynamics and project updates.

For this reason, using conventional software like Microsoft project, built for managing projects in their best case scenario with clearly identified teams, could not fit the needs.

Many Projects – Lots of Teams

Big companies, and small ones too, with a high number of projects can see their number of teams increase accordingly, and when I say team I mean people that are actually working on the project.  Even if your company has just seven colleagues like ours, and you have one team working on several different projects,  you can face the same problem: a meeting for a project, a meting for another, uncounted e-mails refer to a projects, many refer to another, what a mess!

For this reason we cannot underestimate this trend and we better try to manage it.

Sharing is Caring

Actively work on a project often involves sending  tons of e-mail to keep everyone updated on what is going on, share documents and information about progress and commitment, schedule meeting with customers and colleagues, share the list of to-dos to get the project done.

This continuous flow of information assumes that you have always in mind all those who compose a specific team. How many of you spend more than a minute checking the list of attendees to be sure that everyone has been added? What if someone is forgotten?

Dynamic Teams – Somebody Help!

It’s clear now that we need something helping us managing dynamic teams. But what if I told you that the solution is at one step distance? Dynamic teams are implicitly defined by your projects. No one knows better, who is involved, than project management software.


Twproject solves this problem with a suite of functionalities that starts exactly by the work group created on a project. Node by node, different people could be assigned and different information could be shared. Simply navigating the project structure you can see the work-group changing, and simple links like “send a message to the whole group” or “create a meeting” could really save your day.

This simple yet effective solution, let you start from the point of view of your project: when you have an information to share you just need to focus on which is the specific project related, your team is already there!

Finally, managing projects with Twproject, we will have the dynamic teams problem solved, thanks to Twproject  nobody will be forgotten.

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