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  • Twproject webinars

    We have just activated the possibility of delivering webinars to customers to remotely supply instruction from our instructors. This is at a fraction of the cost of a bootcamp, and may be all you need. Details can be found here: https://twproject.com/services/

  • Open Lab’s new blog

    Open Lab, the software house producing Teamwork, has a new blog here: http://blog.open-lab.com, on the first post we explain the significative positive evolution that we are going through.

  • “Adding a wiki” to Teamwork

    The meaning of “adding a Wiki” The most voted request on our feedback service is “Integrate a wiki in the dashboards”: I think that what actually users mean is “integrate Wiki functionalities in Teamwork”, but this is one of the requests that can be interpreted in several different ways: it probably implies a feature set, … Continue reading ““Adding a wiki” to Teamwork”

  • What you get with Teamwork and what you don’t

    Some project management applications provide minimal functionality: just a Gantt drawer. Some, more groupware oriented, provide a vast spectrum, including e-mail and chatting. While developing Teamwork, we made several choices about what to include and what not. The choice for Teamwork has been guided by this simple princliple: include only what will not sharply conflict … Continue reading “What you get with Teamwork and what you don’t”

  • Teamwork release 4.2.10250

    The main features of this release are: –    iPhone calendar synchronization: this is first presented in this blog post, and also documented in the user guide –    Active task filter on the task tree: this had many votes on the feedback service, so… we did it. Download this release here; there are no schema changes … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.2.10250”

  • Integrating Teamwork calendar with the iPhone

    In theory, being Teamwork integrated with the iCal format, it has always been possible to sync it with the iPhone, just like with Outlook and Google calendars. But as often happens, things turn out to be more complex, in particular if one wants to get a not only working, but also a comfortable solution. So … Continue reading “Integrating Teamwork calendar with the iPhone”

  • Third party integrations speeding up

    There is a increasing trend in getting more and more contributions from third parties to Teamwork – which is great news for us! Just received a Polish translations, will soon release a Teamwork plug-in for Thunderbird, and there are at least two software houses that will use Teamwork as a module in a more extended … Continue reading “Third party integrations speeding up”

  • Teamwork release 4.2.10080

    This new release contains principally bug fixes. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application; the database schema in this release will be changed (it just adds a new column in “twk_disc_point” table). Feature: – We have added the possibility for each attendee of a meeting to add new discussion points. Every discussion … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.2.10080”

  • Teamwork release 4.2.10025

    Here you find the main features of this new Teamwork’s release. There are also some bug-fixes which are listed at the end of this post. The first feature is an improvment on the task editor tree which now is comfortable as the issue multi line editor. The second added feature is a new print page … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.2.10025”

  • Simplistic cost/benefit evaluations of organizational tools adoption

    I’ve recently received yet another request of a cost-benefit analysis given by the adoption of Teamwork, in general, of project and groupware management software. Not always in those exact terms, but we do periodically receive such requests. One may rephrase the question as “what is the exact economical gain given by adopting Teamwork”? Very superficially, … Continue reading “Simplistic cost/benefit evaluations of organizational tools adoption”

  • Teamwork release 4.2.9810

    This is the first patch after the release of Teamwork 4.2, it includes some bug fixes. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application; the database schema is unchanged. Features: – Added in the list of worklog on a specific assignment the possiblity to change the staus of all selected worklogs with one    … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.2.9810”

  • Teamwork 4.2.9650 released

    This is a major release, the first of the 4.2 series; it is a free upgrade to all users of version 4. The main features of this significant release are: Usability improvements: these are documented in detail in this blog post:https://twproject.com/blog/usability-game-mechanics-teamwork (actually even more than what described there has been done along this line: just … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.2.9650 released”